Why Magento?

magento ecommerce

Once upon a time in the age of old, customers could only shop and engage with businesses by physically going to their store. Today, customers can shop, enquire, and engage with brands online. It’s easy for customers to reach businesses through social media platforms, but most prefer doing it through the company’s website. These websites are built on eCommerce platforms like Magento, for instance.

An e-commerce platform is an application that brings the seller and the consumer together for online sales transactions. Thus, consumers are able to discover products, browse options, shop, and then complete their purchase in live time on this platform.

One of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms is Magento. This solution is a trustworthy platform with great customisable abilities. Experts like Consnet offer this platform solution because of its powerful functions, but before we suggest it for your company, let’s investigate it together.

What is Magento?

If you want more control over your business website, convert to Magento. Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that allows businesses to build multichannel online experiences for both B2C, B2B and hybrid-type consumers. The eCommerce solution offers several features. These include integration into ERPs, CRM, content management, order management, and product information systems. Your business can use this solution to customise and manage all content on its online store. In short – from catalogue to payment fulfilment.

What does Magento feature?

Magento is described as a feature-rich solution because it does not lack when coming to its functions and features. It has a wide variety of features that:

  1. Sell anywhere – Connects shopping platforms across channels/sites
  2. Manage and deliver – This lets you craft and manage effective user experiences
  3. Measure and optimise – Uses data and insights to create relevant content
  4. Handle payments – Manages your brand’s orders and payments

Some of Magento’s top features include:

  • Tools for marketing, promotions, and conversion
  • Site management features
  • Catalogue management features
  • SEO tools
  • Product browsing features
  • Catalogue browsing features
  • Checkout, payment, and shipping tools
  • Customer account features
  • Order management features
  • Customer service features
  • Mobile commerce tools
  • International support tools
  • Tools for analytics and reporting

Why should you use it?

Launch your business’s online presence with this solution. It enables you to manage numerous brands and sales channels on one platform. This eCommerce solution also has AI-powered capabilities. Similarly, it allows you to segment customers and strategically target them through content personalisation. It centralises all your data to one place and makes the best use of it. Thus, improving engagement and sales. Discover more opportunities through this platform’s benefits. These benefits include:

Easy and effective

The platform aids your business to deliver relevant personalisation of experiences. Thus, automating your systems with accuracy, so your customer engagement goes up. AMagento is also simple to use. Its easy-to-understand interface assists with the management of new and existing campaigns.

A centralised platform for B2B and B2C commerce

Magento manages all commerce models that work for both B2B and B2C. This takes place on a central location with a central view. Thus, ensuring you can control and easily change your online store and business platforms.

Efficient shopping experiences

Set your commerce sites to provide online shoppers with all the data they need on your product. For example, information on product availability, price, and details. Also, you can customise your business website with Magento, which will improve customer experiences.

Personalisation of experiences

Magento allows you to set up accounts for multiple buyers. Now you can automate the approval process for orders and enable fast reordering options to customers. Its personalisation feature stretches further with customisable eCommerce website pages. In the end, conversions will increase through pushed product recommendations on your landing page.

How can you effectively integrate Magento?

Finally, your business can hone Magento’s features and benefits through the help of Consnet. Consnet does not only assist businesses to transition into Magento-using brands. They also integrate ERP systems through their Magento-based solution, Digitrade. Upgrade your eCommerce fast and easily with Consnet.