Why CRM matters

Here’s a look into the positive effects of Customer Relationship Management on an organisation’s sales and marketing.

We are all familiar with the phrase “the customer is always right.” You might also know, “customer is king,” which is more commonly heard within business spaces. These statements exist to serve as a powerful reminder of how important customers are to every business.

As a result, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) becomes key in differentiating a thriving business from a surviving business. CRM affects many facets of business, and when implemented well, a brand can enjoy the benefits that come with satisfied customers. 

Increases sales revenue

According to a study done by Capterra, CRM software users saw their sales revenue increase by 45%. Some of these CRM optimized companies also saw an increase in customer satisfaction and retention.

We expect the latter to increase CRM’s purpose is to maximize customer loyalty and experience. The growth in sales revenue, however, proves that CRM has a positive effect on overall profits.

This software enables your business to integrate sales functions and teams. It also generates customer leads that result in sales. Without it, effective customer management is more likely to decrease.

Enables effective marketing 

Marketing enables the selling of products and services through promotion among existing and potential customers. This is only done successfully when the business understands who their customers are, what they like, and so on.

Lead generation allows for the collection and organization of customer data and marketing activities, which leads to an in-depth understanding of customers. Customized experiences now become a possibility. Customer behaviour and marketing campaigns are easier to track, making for effective marketing.

Other reasons to improve CRM

If you are still uncertain, here are more reasons why you should improve your CRM:

  • Delivers better CX
  • Streamlines customer services 
  • Improves data collection and organization 
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Increases customer retention
  • Increases productivity

CRM Solution to consider:

When searching for a CRM solution with functions that can enhance your business Sales and Marketing activities, we suggest SAP Cloud for Customers.

SAP C4C empowers your internal teams to engage customers more efficiently and consistently, while simultaneously tracking performance.

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