Why Cloud is better for your business

Cloud-based hosting 

Whether on-premise hosting or cloud-based hosting, it doesn’t really matter what you use, right? That is not entirely true. Both solutions may serve the same purpose but use completely different approaches to do it. One is heavily reliant on locally installed hardware, while the other stays clear of hardware and makes greater use of online software. Generally, a business chooses to use the type of solution that best suits its unique needs and business model. However, recent events have revealed that cloud-based solutions bare greater benefits that suit and optimise most businesses today. Let us explore this topic further to understand why more companies should move to cloud.

On-premise doesn’t cut it anymore

The main differentiator between Cloud and On-premise software is where the software resides. To be specific, cloud-based software lives in a cloud on a vendor’s server and on-premise software lives on business-owned servers, on company premises.

On-premise solutions can be very useful for a business, especially for brands that want to have complete control and ownership over their hardware, and software. This is mainly because the business is responsible for managing all software related matters like maintenance, configurations, and updates.

However, what happens if you run your entire business using on-premise solutions and you or your staff are forced to work off-premise?

The time to migrate is now

In business situations where remote access is needed or there’s a lack of hardware maintenance, on-premise solutions become the cause of your business’s inefficiency. We recently witnessed this on a large scale during the pandemic lockdowns when heavy restrictions forced non-essential businesses to operate remotely. On-premise solutions made it difficult for people to work off office premises, which resulted in losses. Cloud-based solutions, however, helped many companies operate smoothly and effectively under the circumstances. It also made the transition from working at the office to working anywhere easier and faster.

On-premise solutions have many areas they lack in, and those areas include:

  • High-cost implications
  • Need for maintenance
  • Limited scalability
  • Long deployment time
  • Need for in-house IT skills
  • Hardware related challenges

Now, even as we move away from the pandemic, the need for cloud-based solutions and their benefits is still on the rise. The level of personalized experiences and access that consumers want is achievable through cloud-based solutions. Plus, it simplifies your business operations and increases efficiency in the process.

This and many other points prove that there is so much more to gain from cloud-based solutions, even when working on premise.

What cloud-based solutions do for your business

To migrate to a cloud environment simply means you are opting to use data-driven techniques and automation to improve your operations. Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud-based solutions come with automated updates, tools you can scale, and access to online support. This means it always functions at its best, without your business having to spend a lot on maintenance. 

Moving to cloud will also give your business other advantages that will filter down throughout your entire company, and improve different focus areas, including your:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Customer services
  • Finance management
  • Customer relations

Cloud solutions allow your business to function effectively through its use of smart technology. This smart technology gives your company the tools it needs to operate consistently and successfully, through the following:

  • High scalability
  • Highly secure
  • Short deployment times
  • Saves on energy
  • Less energy costs
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime
  • No more maintenance needed

Migrate from on-premise hosting to cloud with Consnet and start operating more efficiently than ever before. Our team will assist you with effortlessly transitioning from hosting on-premise to using a more dependable, secure, and efficient solution. To learn more, click here.