WhatsApp Bots: Making business personal

WhatsApp Bots: Making business personal

Two billion people. That is how many individuals use WhatsApp worldwide every single month. Can you just imagine how much communications flows through this channel every year? All those many messages, videos, voice notes, voice calls, and videocalls that go through this platform are the reason WhatsApp is 2022’s most popular global mobile messenger app, according to Statista. An app with such volumes of traffic boasts many opportunities for businesses to grow their reach and sales. What is more, the launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018 has also propelled WhatsApp into becoming a platform that serves great value to businesses.

WhatsApp Business is an incredible tool that gives you a convenient contact point to connect with customers. Unlike WhatsApp for personal use, WhatsApp Business has features that let you highlight:

  • Your WhatsApp storefront for your business with catalogues
  • The address where your business resides
  • Your business hours
  • The link to your website
  • Business categories

WhatsApp can be greatly beneficial for a brand’s customer engagement, but do you know it can also be beneficial for your retailer relations and operations? This is all thanks to the almighty WhatsApp BOT. I am sure you have heard a bit about chatbots and probably have interacted with a few, but chances are, you have room to learn more on how they can enhance your operations. What better bot to start with if not the one that is used on the world’s most popular app, WhatsApp.

What is up with the WhatsApp Bot

Let us start of with the basics: what is a chatbot? Simply put, it is an AI-powered computer program that automates interactions that follow a generic flow of steps. For instance, chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, send order/delivery notifications, or share brand content without being continuously prompted.

With regard to WhatsApp, chatbots assist with automating conversations and sales processes with customers through pre-prepared scripts and settings. You can also use specialised versions like BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Bot to automate retailer interaction, order collection, and communicate promotions.

Benefitting with WhatsApp Bots

Automation pushes the boundaries of what businesses can achieve and that is one of the key functions that make chatbots such useful business tools. This, along with other chatbot functions, enable your brand to:

  • Build brand loyalty and awareness
  • Enhance customer and retailer interaction
  • Offer services 24//7
  • Conveniently process orders
  • Share updates on orders
  • Run promotions
  • Automate and personalise responses
  • Scan rewards coupons over the internet

WhatsApp Bot for Retailers

Great emphasis and focus is always put on using WhatsApp bots for typical customer-related operations, but not enough is said about how beneficial it is for retailer-type customers as well. With BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Bot, for example, retailers can easily and efficiently place orders from brands without needing the use of multiple applications.

BeatRoute’s Solution supports:

  • Contact directories
  • Order execution
  • Promotions
  • Announcements/Notifications
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Lead sharing

You can truly enhance how your business operates with the help of Consnet’s BeatRoute Solution. Reach out to Consnet here and let their experts lift your customer and retailer relationships.