Use AI for Smarter Customer Experiences

Customer experiences

To effectively handle customer engagement, a business needs to have precise data organisation and ticket management. A ticketing system is how organisations usually achieve this, as it organises and processes customer requests. However, those that rely solely on people manually performing these activities end up slowing down their customer service time. Why? Simply because:

  • Too much time is spent classifying tickets
  • Delays make customer service request ques long
  • Human errors are more common
  • Data is not effectively tracked

Optimising ticket management through a ticketing system

So, let’s say you decide to adopt a traditional ticketing system to prevent the above issues from occurring. That’s a great first step, but it is not enough. Firstly, traditional ticketing systems generally use methods that slow down customer service delivery. Additionally, older ticketing systems are:

  • Challenging to use and customise
  • Complex
  • Difficult to integrate
  • Impersonal

A modern, smart ticketing system is without a doubt the better solution for businesses with high sales and customer experience goals. Better yet, we know exactly where you can find the best one for your business.

An intelligent ticketing system

Whenever you need a solution that creates meaningful connections throughout the customer journey, SAP Service Cloud should always come to mind. Thanks to automation, AI, and smart technology, it assists your agents to resolve customer queries fast and effectively. One of the tools it uses to achieve this is its Ticket Intelligence function.

Service Ticket Intelligence automatically puts customer enquiries into categories as they come in. As a result, engagement finds its way to the most relevant agents almost immediately. Thus, resolving customer queries quickly and accurately. Agents also receive recommendations on how to resolve certain issues, which in turn improves operational efficiency.

Top features

SAP Service Cloud’s ticketing intelligence uses old data from existing tickets to train the system on how to manage each customer. Consequently, this allows customer service reps to spend less time searching for information and more time resolving queries. Even so, the ticketing intelligence function’s abilities do not end here. It also assists your business with:

  • Automatically categorising tickets
  • Efficiently reviewing tickets
  • Routing tickets to relevant agents
  • Tracking and extracting ticket data
  • Can be used by all staff members overseeing ticket

Qualify to use ticketing intelligence

To use this ticketing intelligence function, you need SAP Sales and Service – two powerful cloud solutions under SAP CX Cloud. Don’t worry. After all, the team at Consnet will make the transition as easy as possible for you. Empower your service teams with an omnichannel solution that gives them a 360-degree view of customers for better service delivery. Contact us for a free demo of our SAP CX solution, and we’ll help you drive extraordinary business results through your customer service.