Understanding B2B customers to increase sales

B2B buyers have evolved to be more like B2C shoppers. More businesses want B2B retailers to offer personalized experiences similar to B2C experiences. Essentially, B2B customers expect service and solution providers to help them make the best decisions for their business. To do this, B2B customers expect you to understand their business needs and give them expert guidance they can trust. Customers base their judgement of how well you know them with the type of experiences you give them. The more they connect with the experiences you create for them, the more they feel connected to you brand. This is just one method to push your B2B online sales. To succeed with B2B online sales, do the following:

  • Deliver impactful interactions
  • Always keep a full view of every B2B customer
  • Prioritise customer markets with a higher chance of converting

Deliver impactful interactions

Creating experiences that speak directly to a consumer, where they are and in the manner that resonates with them is extremely impactful. B2B consumer experiences are no different. By speaking their lingo and engaging with them on their preferred platforms (and devices), you can convert more B2B sales. It starts with making sure your eCommerce website or app is mobile-friendly and optimised for both phones and desktop devices. Secondly, you can use a solution like SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud that offers data-driven recommendations and actionable insights on how to best handle customers.

Always keep a full view of every B2B customer

To understand your customer, you need to study them, and their buying habits are a great place to start. By collecting consumer data whenever you interact with them or visa versa, you keep a library of information detailing a customer’s preferences, details, account history, and more. This not only allows you to come up with real insights on how to improve your customers’ experiences. It also makes it easier for agents to access customer’s engagement history, allowing them to deliver a further personalised experience. SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud, for example, give you a 360-degree view of all customer data. This includes eCommerce, social, and back-office data. The result is faster reaction times and an increase in queries resolved effectively.

Prioritise customer markets with a higher chance of converting

You can’t win everyone, all of the time. This is as true in business as it is in life. Some customers just expect more than you can deliver, and others are not the most profitable target market for your type of business. That’s ok, do not keep wasting money on consumer markets that won’t convert. Instead, focus more on consumer markets that are more likely to convert. SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud support intelligent scoring and recommendations to help you identify those B2B customers. These solutions also give your B2B sales and customer service agents tailored, best practice guidance on how to handle each customer.

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