Support & Maintenance

Consnet provides support & maintenance services to customers for all solutions provided.  Therefore, all support consultants are experts in their respective fields. 

Consent has experience in all our solutions provided. We currently support a number of customers to deliver technical and system support. For instance, we provide support and maintenance for SAP, Magento, Sinch, QContact, Genesys, etc. 

In addition, Consnet has an established support centre which provides support and maintenance services to customer solutions using an onsite, offsite or blended model. Above all, this enables customers to realise maximum return on their investment and maintain an optimal productive environment. 

Consnet can tailor a specific support solution which will:

  • Support your business strategy.
  • Improve customer experience and loyalty.
  • Increase revenue while reducing the cost of servicing your customers.

In terms of Support & Maintenance, Consnet wishes to:

  • Partner with clients in managing their applications, both strategic and supporting applications.
  • Resolve any incidents quickly ensuring a stable system and protecting your IT investment.
  • Provide customer focused problem-solving solution teams to clients.
  • Manage the intellectual capital of each client. Thus, ensuring long term sustainable high-quality support services.
  • Provide a flexible resource model to each client. Therefore, utilising a blended pool of onsite and off-site resources.
  • Provide customer focused problem-solving solution teams to clients.