Stay out of spam inboxes with SAP Emarsys

SAP Emarsys

Scroll through your emails or phone log and look at how many unread messages you have within your inbox. You probably have many more than you expected. How about you go one step further and look at the kind of messages you are leaving unread. Most likely, it’s a message from a brand marketing something they want you to buy into. If that’s the case, their marketing team has unfortunately failed to achieve their objective. The goal is to feed customers and potential customers’ content:

  1. That is relevant to them
  2. At the right time
  3. With the right message
  4. Through the right channel

Successful marketing achieves this consistently, but when it does not, it ends up in spam.

The SPAM problem

Marketing collateral being left unread or in spam boxes is a common occurrence. This is mainly because many companies still struggle with using their data effectively to create better customer engagement. In an industry where data is king, like marketing, this can lead to ineffective and irrelevant communication being sent out. This, of course, discourages people from opening and engaging with the content.

However, it is not necessary to still experience this in today’s day and age. An intelligent solution that is automated and uses data driven strategies exist, and it’s called SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement.

What is Emarsys?

SAP Emarsys Customer is a cloud-based marketing solution with the intelligence to deliver live personalised engagement to customers on numerous channels. Like most cloud-based solutions, you SAP Emarsys allows you to enjoy the benefits of automation, scalability, and real-time delivery. However, this solution takes customer engagement to a whole new level. The marketing solution enables you to:

  • Track customer interactions online
  • Reach consumers more effectively
  • Create relevant content
  • Make accurate predictions
  • Deliver engagement that prompts results
  • Increase conversion rates through AI

How SAP Emarsys keeps your marketing out of Spam

SAP Emarsys is quite robust in its capabilities. This too, especially when coming to the creation of effective marketing that consumers want to engage with. Through its automation and personalisation functions, SAP Emarsys assists you in staying out of the Spam box. How? Simply by helping you share more content that will spark interest or action from your customers. Here are a few functions in SAP Emarsys that will help you improve your customer experiences.

1. Unified Customer Profile

SAP Emarsys segments every single one of your customers according to the data it collects from their interactions with the business. It then presents all this information in an easy-to-use data card that shows you how they engage and behave with a brand. Customer, Product, Sale, Behavioural (clicks, site visits, etc.)

2. Configurable Marketing Tactics

Before SAP Emarsys, marketing campaigns had to be built up from scratch with different tactics and data sets that had to be processed. Now, you can just activate everything on this one platform. SAP Emarsys gives you tactics based on industry expertise that you can configure to enhance your business’s engagement. These tactics generate content that is tailored to achieve your specific campaign goal.

3. Advanced Personalisation

Consumers are not the same so the same marketing will generally does not work or apply to everyone. With SAP Emarsys, you can provide personalised experiences that are relevant to each person you engage with. The solution allows you to create content templates that market different products to different customers based on their behaviour and data. This way, you do not end up sending a meat sale to one of your loyal, vegan customers. Through SAP Emarsys, you can personalise experiences via:

  • Geo-location
  • Personalised product recommendations
  • Top up predictions through Artificial Intelligence (AI)


4. Strong Campaign Reporting

When running a marketing campaign, you need to see the valuable impact the campaigns are having on the business. A great measurement of this is an increase in revenues, but it is not the only thing we must look at. In SAP Emarsys, you get a complete scope of how your campaign is progressing, including the number of orders it has generated. This is given through a number of reports on the platform. On top of that, the solution advises you on ways to improve the campaign so it can be successful.

Now that you know how to create impactful experiences that don’t end up in people’s spam boxes, start doing it. Improve your marketing today with the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement solution from Consnet. For more information, contact us.