SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud enables your business to cover every touchpoint in a customer service engagement and exceed your customer expectations every time. As a result, your business can deliver fast personalised customer service, accelerate issue resolution, and increase service efficiency. 

Increase productivity of service teams for higher revenue generation.

Boost retail agility through a quick, cost-efficient deployment.

Build long-term relationships with customers. 

Enhance customer service and heighten customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SAP Service Cloud

Customer Service has the strongest impact on Customer Experience! Thus, SAP Service Cloud solution connects customer service operations to the entire value chain. So, you can accelerate issue resolution and increase profitability. 

Importantly, with intelligent customer service, your business can:

  • Ability to resolve customer issues quickly. Additionally, with a unified agent desktop and access to relevant insights and data.
  • Boost your business profitability and customer retention. In other words, with effortless self-service options powered by AI-driven intelligence.
  • Improve accuracy and speed up ticket closure with powerful case management workflows. While, streamlining issue resolution. 
  • Allow your business users to adapt to the evolving customer needs by modifying the solution.

Let’s look at some of the Features that SAP Service Cloud offers:

Omnichannel Service

In fact, by providing fast, reliable, and personalised services across all channels. You can increase your customer satisfaction and keep them coming back for more. 

Omnichannel Service Cloud
Digital and traditional contact channels

Assist your customers through chatbot, phone, chat, SMS, email, and social channels. 

Customer self-services

However, you should improve your customer experiences with effortless self-service options.

Agent desktop

In addition, provide your service agents visibility into interaction history and customer data. This will allow for fast and personalised service.

Customer identification

Speed up your service with automatic customer identification, screen pop, and intelligent routing. 


Ticket and Case Management

In other words, with fast access to the right information and insights, your service teams are well-positioned to increase first-contact resolution rates and boost customer satisfaction.

Multichannel ticketing

Generate service tickets manually or trigger them with inbound email messages, chat, SMS, portal, or social media messages.

Intelligent routing

Similarly, route tickets to the right agents for fast resolution.

Service-level agreements

As a result, you can deliver on your promises by setting and tracking service-level agreements, warranties, and contracts.

Agent desktop

Empower your agents to solve tickets quickly with efficient agent tools, access to customer data, and knowledge base support.


Ticket and Case Management

Service Intelligence

Furthermore, having immediate access to information that is up to date, accurate, and consistent across channels and brands can go a long way in increasing service efficiency and quality.

Service intelligence
Ticket categorisation 

Automate the classification and prioritsation of incoming tickets using machine learning tools.

Sentimental analysis

Therefore, improve customer satisfaction by detecting positive and negative sentiments in emails and reacting quickly to tickets requiring an immediate response. 

Solution recommendations

Similarly, support agents can solve tickets faster with machine learning-based solution recommendations and next-best actions.

Similar tickets

So, speed up issue resolution by using artificial intelligence to identify similar tickets and guide agents toward the right solution quickly.


Analytics and Experience Management

For instance, when your people have the right tools, visibility, and controls. They can continuously manage customer service operations efficiently and improve the customer service experience across channels.

Service analytics and dashboards

Monitor and adapt service performance in real time and over time with embedded reports and dashboards.

Experience Management

Similarly, collect customer feedback and turn it into actionable insights to keep customer satisfaction high.

Experience data and operational data

In addition, combine experience data with operational data to understand what is happening.

Analytics and experience manager

Connected Enterprise

Above all, you must break down the system silos to help drive the level of business efficiency and outcomes that your customers expect and your stakeholder’s demand.

Connected enterprise
Integration with the back office

Reduce resolution rates and streamline ordering, invoicing, and delivery processes by integrating with SAP S/4HANA and the SAP ERP application.

Integration with sales, commerce, and marketing

In addition, improve the customer experience and support business growth by aligning service with other customer-facing functions.

Integration with SAP Field Service Management

You speed up your service execution from first contact to resolution by integrating your Contact Centre with field service.

Integration with Experience Management solutions from SAP and Qualtrics

Thus, increase customer satisfaction by listening to your customers and acting based on customer insights.

Furthermore, with a connected approach to customer service, you can gain an edge that can help protect your brand and increase revenue.