SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud solution helps businesses to streamline and automate critical selling processes. Similarly, the embedded sales intelligence provides actionable insights. For instance, you can understand your customers better, improve your sales engagements, and build relationships that create customer loyalty and revenue growth. 

Empower your sales teams to understand customers and build relationships with 360-degree view of every touchpoint.

Engage customers with collaborative, personalised sales interactions that make every conversation count.

Deliver on your brand promise with frictionless, customer-driven engagements that provide lasting value.

SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud solution provides a comprehensive sales process out of the box, providing sales teams with a better understanding of their customers. In addition, data is available to sales teams in real-time for them to utilize in the sales process enabling them to sell anytime, anywhere.

"A 360-degree view of every customer and interaction, can allow your sales team to deliver customer-centric sales engagements. Most importantly increasing your business revenue and lifetime loyalty."

Let us take a look at some of the features of SAP Sales Cloud:

Digital Selling

Offline or online, your sales teams can engage with customers at any time, from anywhere. 

Mobile engagement

Guide your business sales success by providing smooth mobile sales capabilities. Likewise, across devices with automated offline and online synchronisation.

Intelligent prioritisation

Additionally, focus sales team’s efforts on leads and opportunities with a high possibility to close by applying intelligent scoring.

Optimised user experience

Furthermore, you can capture notes, collaborate with peers, schedule meetings, and explore analytics with natural language and gesture-driven commands.

Centralised personalisation engine

Understand what customers want and integrate tailored content and recommendations into every interaction with ease. 

mobile sales engagement

Intelligent Sales

Furthermore, grow your business revenue and win more deals with intelligent selling, made simple.

Guided selling

Above all, equip your sales teams with prescriptive step-by-step guidance on what sales actions they should take to win more business, faster.

Intelligent forecasting

Then, understand and analyse forecasts in real-time. Thereafter, be able to identify forecast volatility and track attainment with intelligent what-if analysis.

Pipeline Manager 

Similarly, obtain a full view of pipeline health with intuitive visualisations and deep analytics.

Pipeline flow

Attain a greater understanding of pipeline leakage and visualise changes between periods to proactively identify issues.

Enterprise Sales Analytics

Similarly, understand every customer and obtain key insights to improve sales outcomes. 

Performance-focused dashboards

As a result, performance-focused sales dashboards can enable real-time data exploration.

Interactive analytics

Create and share interactive reports and dashboards. In addition, that show a clear view of sales metrics, forecasts, and other critical information.

360-degree account insights

Similarly, manage customer loyalty by delivering meaningful interactions based on front-and-back-office insights. 

Sales Analytics

Retail Execution and Field Sales

Additionally, optimise field sales and retail execution planning while improving performance at every customer location.

Customer visit planning
Visit planning

Unify planning for all visit types to help ensure that every location gets appropriate support and sales attention. 

Dynamic task surveys

Likewise, guide field sales and retail execution actions at each location to ensure that products and promotions are properly executed.

Perfect store progression

Therefore, have the advantage to make proactive changes to improve the performance at each location using perfect store KPIs and real-time insights.

Dynamic Visit Planning

As a result, equip field sellers and retail execution staff with the tools they need. In order, to improve performance and provide fast, efficient results. 

Unified visit planning

Enhance your business operational efficiency of visit planning with a unified, connected way to structure, manage, and automate visit creation.

Data-driven visit prioritisation

Similarly, utilise and interpret signals, like audit results and target KPIs, to provide sellers with data-driven visit recommendations.

Logistics optimisation

In addition, optimise visit lists around key factors, like store hours, working hours, starting points, and historical traffic data.

Overlay routing

Make field execution simple with a visual overlay of recommended routes and contextual visit information for every stop.

Store Visit planning

Sales Process Optimisation

Equip your sales teams with prescriptive recommendations that help boost sales efficiency, improve win rates, and grow revenue.

Sales Process Optimisation
Unified platform

Leverage insights to win more business with connected lead, opportunity, forecast, ERP, and service processes.

High-performance selling

Enhance your sales team’s productivity by removing sales barriers with collaboration tools, interactive dashboards, and time customer analytics.

Engagement automation

Similarly, keep sales teams focused on selling by automating manual tasks, interaction capture, and call scripting. 

Deep integration

Empower sellers with fast, connected insights using data from upstream and downstream systems. 

Therefore, SAP Sales Cloud solution offers your business benefits to optimise your sales process analytics. Support for sales teams online and offline. Improved sales velocity and forecast accuracy. Additionally, streamlined field and retail execution activities.