SAP Sales Cloud


Enhance your sales consultants’ day-to-day work experience while improving customer experience and accelerating the buying process.

The SAP Sales Cloud solution provides a comprehensive sales process out of the box, providing sales teams with a better understanding of their customers. The data is available to sales teams in real-time for them to utilize in the sales process enabling them to sell anytime, anywhere.

Let’s dive in and find out how SAP Sales Cloud can help accelerate your organisation’s selling process.

Key benefits:

  • Sales consultants have all the customer data available to them in real-time, making every client interaction count
  • Sales consultants can engage with their customers anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • The sales team can manage and track their performance alongside their opportunities, proposals and contracts
  • The SAP Sales Cloud application has a modern, easy-to-use interface allowing you to pick it up and get going quickly and easily

Sales Automation and Forecast Optimization

Save time and guesswork – accelerate sales with SAP Sales Cloud by creating a complete view of every customer and every opportunity with automatic monitoring of customer activity:

  • Give your sales reps all the data they need in one place, available anytime and anywhere so they can make every client interaction count
  • Obtain the ability to use real-time lead scoring and centralised account and opportunity management
  • Gain visibility into your pipeline and be able to forecast quarterly revenue accurately
  • Drill down into individual deals and coach sales reps to help close deals

Quotes and Contracts Management

Guide your sales consultants quickly through quotes and contracts, eliminating manual quotes and contracts by enabling seamless, automated and intelligent configuration of quotes and contracts

  • Configure complex products easily online, automate pricing and discounting and negotiate contracts in real time
  • Access quotes and contracts from any mobile device and store contracts in one centralised location

Sales Performance Management

Model and manage sales territories and incentives:

  • Sell more by using territory and quota planning with prescriptive analytics
  • Align sales territories to corporate goals and accelerate plan implementation
  • Reduce manual spreadsheet updates and maintenance
  • Eliminate commission overpayments and accelerate commission calculations

Billing and Revenue Management

  • Monetise, disrupt, and go beyond quote-to-cash to meet the changing needs of your customers by simplifying processes by automating order lifecycle management across multiple systems
  • Handle billing and invoicing for subscriptions, one-time billing, and usage-based billing scenarios

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