SAP Marketing Cloud


Customers First

The best way to reach target markets effectively is to truly understand who they are. Customized customer engagement is achieved with a 360-degree view of every customer which leads to better user experiences and increased conversions. Consnet provides companies with digital marketing solutions which aids in creating brand awareness and engagements for customers.

SAP Marketing Cloud (formerly known as SAP Hybris Marketing) provides companies with the ability to deliver personalized customer engagements and experiences with consolidated customer data thereby driving revenue and growth. Multi-channel solutions assist companies in targeting and segmenting as well as gaining insight on the best audiences. Target markets can easily be segmented with a value proposition tailored to different customer persona’s that reaches thousands of people in minutes and trust is built between companies and their customers ensuring long-lasting relationships & loyalty.


Know your Audience, plan your marketing campaigns and gain real-time performance intelligence and insights

With SAP Marketing Cloud’s precise customer targeting you can find the best audience for your campaigns and make sure they get the message at the right moment. Your business can deliver individualized customer experience throughout the customer journey with the ability to design and execute multichannel campaigns to drive customer engagements and conversions.

SAP Marketing Cloud helps you understand your business marketing performance and the drivers for your success with additional insights, when integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud to gain real-time business intelligence and insights.

Give your business the power of machine learning to gain deeper insights into customer behaviors to create personalized customer engagements.

Empower all your business marketers to make intelligent decisions with data visualization tools that synthesize data into insights – from audience discovery to campaign performance.

Be able to deliver executive-level reports and insights – from budgets to customer sentiment – with a dashboard designed for marketing executives.


Identify, capture and enrich customer profiles across all sources in a single view to gain insights into customers real-time intents

  • Data Creation of complete customer profiles with data from every part of your organization and third-party sources. Build trust with your customers by managing permissions and consent.
  • Remove Silos, develop a unified customer profile across the organization, and activate the full value of your customer data.
  • Gain deeper customer insights to understand intent and anticipate customer behavior by using artificial intelligence. Identify hidden trends and discover micro-segments with just a few clicks.
  • Unite your experience and your operational data across the business to build a single, comprehensive view of customers that delivers powerful insights to shape your marketing strategy.


A well-defined marketing strategy leads to an increase in the business sales and marketing

SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to collaborate across teams within your business and provide transparency into marketing plans, budgets and performance in real-time with everything you need to know centralized in one place, for everyone to see.

This will give you the opportunity to make data-driven decisions with a centralized view of planning and real-time budget control and allow your business to plan and manage all marketing activities and campaigns while collaborating with teams for seamless and timeous execution.

SAP Marketing Cloud also allows you to use real-time business intelligence to enable fast analysis and confident decision-making across the organization, while delighting customers and optimizing marketing performance.


Drive demand and business growth

Every B2B business face marketing and sales challenges that have been created from the vast changes over the past 20 years. Even if your business has a successful sales strategy, you may be falling flat online – losing out to technologically advanced competitors, struggling with a digital strategy, feeling like you need a more mature marketing plan or concerned about mobile. Has your competitor beat you online?

As a B2B business your marketers’ objective is to elevate customer experience at every touch point along the purchase cycle. SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to gain a holistic view of your contacts and accounts by capturing data across the entire business.

Marketing communication is often the first customer experience touchpoint that requires improvement. SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to identify and target customers with account-based marketing across touchpoints with timely and personalized engagements. SAP Cloud Marketing equips your teams with the right insights to make intelligent decisions.

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