SAP Emarsys has everything your marketing team wants

The trio every marketer dreams of

When it comes to marketing solutions, there is a long grocery list of functionalities that marketers look for. Of course, as marketing departments usually have various objectives that can be achieved faster and easier with the right software features. The SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform has a large number of these and even more features that marketers may not have considered yet. Regardless, out of all those features, there are 3 specific ones that marketers ask for the most.

The top three product features that marketers request are:

  1. Web Push
  2. Visual Affinity
  3. Web Hooks

Web Push

You know those message alerts that pop up at the right corner of your screen when you’re browsing through the internet? Those messages are Web Push/Browser Push notifications and they are an effective way a brand can communicate with customers, even when they aren’t on your website. It is a powerful addition to new marketing strategies and greatly compliments traditional marketing channels because:

  • Customers can easily opt-in (no personal details required)
  • Messages reach users instantly
  • Reaches online consumers anywhere on the internet
  • Personalises messages for higher conversions

SAP Emarsys supports Web Push and uses it to enable real-time delivery of push notifications. This takes place through integration with automation interaction. In other words, whenever a business wants to send push notifications as part of their cross-channel campaigns, they can do it easily and instantly with SAP Emarsys’ Web Push function.

Visual Affinity Recommendations

Giving customers recommendations that are relevant to them is near impossible to do without data. With artificial intelligence, however, you can offer new in-stock product recommendations based on visual affinity. Visual affinity recommendations are content or product recommendations that are determined by the customer’s personal style. Their style profile is made up of their shopper behaviour, product choices, and demographic. All of these together tell marketers what visual attributes each customer is looking for in a product.

Based on visual affinities or preferences, marketers can push out more personalised recommendations with customers’ favourite:

  • Colours
  • Patterns
  • Designs
  • Size

SAP Emarsys uses affinity recommendations to take customer personalisation to whole a new level, specifically because it personalises to each and every individual customer and at the right time. Through its Predictive Affinity Report, marketers can see which customers have preferences the system has recognised and what those preferences are.

Web Hooks

Most apps have the ability to automatically send you notifications when something happens. For instance, when your app purchase has been shipped. These notifications are Web Hooks, which are HTTP requests that are triggered in one system and then communicated to another system. In simpler terms, Web Hooks communicate between business solutions so you can execute complex campaigns.

SAP Emarsys allows you to use Web Hooks without the need to configure it technically. This is perfect for marketers who want to roll out multi-channel campaigns but lack the technical skills and know-how they need to make different solutions send information between each other. For example, if you want to synchronise consent management between multiple platforms, you can use SAP Emarsys’ Web Hooks.

Effective marketing needs to convert people and bare results that reflect positively on the business’s revenues. Use the top three marketing features to boost your marketing department’s operations. With SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform, you can have them all and more with just one solution. Book a demo with us to see how it operates and we’ll equip you with everything your marketing team desires.