SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, previously known as SAP Marketing Cloud, a comprehensive marketing analytics software. While, giving your business a single view of first-party customer data across your business. Above all, this included start-to-finish scenarios for every aspect of campaigns and customer journeys. 

The SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement solution has been developed with simplicity, speed and scale in mind. For instance, by fully integrating customer data, industry-specific best practices, omnichannel automation, AI-driven personalisation, and predictive analytics – SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement is the solution of coice for marketing teams who want to implement omnichannel engagement rapidly and at scale. 

In addition, SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement integrates with the front-to-back-office technology stack SAP provides. Thus, marketing, sales, and service teams are able to deliver consistent personalised experiences throughout the customer journey.

Accelerate time to value by rapidly aligning proven customer engagement strategies with desired business outcomes.

Deliver one-to-one personalised omnichannel experiences that build trusted, loyal, and lasting customer relationships.

Produce measurable business results that increase customer lifetime value and drive predictable, profitable growth. 


SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform can help you deliver personalised, real-time engagements at scale that increase retention and loyalty.

Ideally, you can accelerate time to value, meet your customers where they are with what they want. As a result, you can produce measurable results with real-time, scalable personalisation. 

  • Capitalise on revenue opportunities by deploying integrated, personalised, and cross-channel campaigns quickly and at scale. 
  • Increase conversion rates by using AI-powered insights to understand customers and deliver relevant, real-time engagements.
  • In addition, grow your business by reaching millions of customers in the moments that matter with relationship building interactions. 

Let’s take a look at some of the features of SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement:

Fully Integrated Customer Engagement

Therefore, by quickly deploying integrated, personalised cross-channel campaigns at scale without the need for custom development, you can reach customers fast and accelerate time to value. 

Fully integrated Customer Engagement
Comprehensive, prebuilt integration

Access data quickly without additional development support by integrating with commerce and customer data solutions from SAP.

Built-in, AI-driven strategies

Select from more than 60 AI-powered use cases to customise and deploy revenue-driving campaigns fast.

Streamlined data model and natively built channels

Set up complex, cross-channel campaigns smoothly through simple integrations with data sources and built-in channel execution. 

AI-Powered Personalisation

Furthermore, AI-powered insights can enrich your understanding of customers and help you create relevant, personalised engagements that improve customer lifetime value.

Insight tools that fuel the right actions

Identify accurate segments, such as likely purchasers, loyal customers, or churn risks, and activate them easily in campaign execution tools.

Engagement opportunities across channels

Use natively integrated channels, such as email, SMS, Web, Web push, mobile apps, and in-store, and connect from an API to third-party channels, including email receipts, direct mail, and WhatsApp.

Simplified data models and natively built channels

Create complex, cross-channel campaigns fast through simplified integration with data sources and built-in channel execution.

Centralised personalisation engine

Understand what customers want and integrate tailored content and recommendations into every interaction with ease.


AI powered personalisation

Real-Time, Scalable Personalisation

Thus, by reaching customers in moments that mater with relationship-building interactions, you can produce measurable results that grow your business. 

real-time, scalable personalisation
Customer Engagement

Trigger real-time, personalised omnichannel engagements with a platform that can send more than one billion messages a day.

Advanced reporting

Know how your marketing impacts key metrics, such as revenue growth, customer retention, repeat purchases, and loyalty. 

Agility and support for growth

Start by engaging customers on one channel and grow over time into an omnichannel marketing operation with help from SAP.


Empower your marketing team to grow customer lifetime value. Happy customers are loyal customers. Reach customers where they are with real-time, personalised, and omnichannel customer engagement.