SAP CX and CRM (Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management) is a critical component of any business. At its core, SAP CX and CRM is all of the activities, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage their interactions with their current and potential customers.


Customer Experience (CX) is how a customer feels about a brand over time. Therefore, this is the result of multiple interactions that they have with your business across multiple teams and touchpoints.



CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools is a set of integrated, data-driven software solutions. Specifically, designed to make marketing, sales and support teams more efficient and effective. Thus, they interact and do business with your customers.

"CX and CRM is an approach that helps businesses to improve existing customer relationships and acquire new customers faster. In addition, by providing a unified experience to customers. Thus, all their engagements with your brand becomes a powerful way to improve customer experience. Therefore, set your business apart from the competition, and encourage repeat purchases. "

How is CX and CRM useful to your business?

Customer Experience and Customer Relationship Management systems can be easily customised.  As a result, it enables us to meet the specific needs of any business type and size. Thus, start-ups, medium to large enterprises, and verticals can use these systems for increasing their sales, marketing, and customer support efforts.

SAP CX and CRM Solutions

For instance, the SAP CX and CRM solutions can help businesses to improve their existing customer relationships and acquire new customers faster. In addition, by providing a unified experience to customers across all their engagements with your brand is a powerful way to improve customer experience.


CRM has evolved to represent every touch point in the customer experience. Therefore, SAP CX solutions provide end-to-end insights across the value chain. In addition, allowing you to connect real-time business data and signals to improve loyalty, customer retention, and revenue. 

SAP has created a unique digital ecosystem that integrates everything you need for marketing, sales, customer service and commerce. Moreover, it ensures seamless integration with third-party systems.

The 5 SAP Customer Experience Clouds

  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement
  • SAP Sales Cloud
  • SAP Service Cloud

Commerce Cloud focuses on product content management, experience management, personalization, and order management. In addition, this solution provides users with out-of-the-box functionality to create and maintain an eCommerce presence. 

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Customer Data Cloud focuses on ethically collecting, keeping, and protecting customer information. Therefore, it helps provide businesses with ways to securely gather information filled in via form and allows customers to control their data in a way that is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation requirements. 

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SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement (previously known as SAP Marketing Cloud) focuses on business activities aimed at earning and retaining customers. In addition, this solution takes a look at data from all marketing activities and evaluates the impact of each. With this data, businesses can make informed decisions on how to speak to customers.

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Sales Cloud serves the needs of a business' sales team. This solution uses artificial intelligence to handle forecasting and other data collection and reporting. Thus, providing your employees with a 360-degree view of customers, and ensuring nobody gets lost during the sales process. 

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Service Cloud focuses on handling numerous different requests for service from customers. Whether that means late-night Facebook message or an in-person chat during call centre hours. Thus, this solution helps teams provide a seamless and consistent experience for customers asking for help. 

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