SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is an innovation platform optimized for SAP applications in the cloud. It brings together application development, data and analytics, integration, automation, and AI capabilities in one unified environment. 

You will be able to create personalised experiences across business processes, build applications, analytics, and integrations faster. Delivering holistic planning across the enterprise and running mission critical innovation with confidence also becomes easier – with everything running on major cloud infrastructure fully managed by SAP. 

We have access to quickly connect, extend, and enrich mission-critical business processes. Business users can automate tasks, create fast, flexible workflows and personalised interfaces – all using low-code principles and solutions. From within finance to sales, collaborating on planning, integrating SAP and third-part applications, and sharing insights across the business become easier with instant access to business-context-rick information from your SAP and third-party systems. 


Accelerate innovation on a cloud-based technology platform.

Digitalise the unique ways in which your company operates.

Integrate, extend, and enrich business processes.

Empower your people to innovate with governance.

Grow innovation agility without slowing down business operations.



  • Accelerate innovation in a governed and secure environment to withstand changing market conditions.
  • Deliver innovation that works with your business processes. 
  • Rely on modern technology and proven best practices.
  • Leverage SAP and third-party data effectively. 
  • Run confidently in the cloud with peace of mind.

Build on a unified platform

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