SAP Sales Cloud

Every sales department needs a safe storage space for their contacts and sales opportunities. There isn’t enough time for sales personnel to constantly have to be concerned about administrative tasks such as building monthly pipeline reports, diarizing tasks and meetings and, at the same time, realizing sales moves for reaching targets.

Consnet provides solutions to sales teams in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

SAP Sales Cloud assists companies in revenue growth with intelligent selling and customer experiences. Sales teams are empowered features and the ability to sell anytime, anywhere thus delivering a better customer experience.

The solution manages quotes, orders, contracts and consolidates customer information. Real-time customer analytics are readily available thereby collaborating front and back office data. Leads and opportunities are supported by providing sales teams with access to the solution anytime, anywhere.

Retail Execution (REX) Solution

The SAP C4C REX solution is tailored specifically for organisations to manage field activities in a retail environment. 

Consistent retail execution is essential in creating the “perfect store” for customers which ultimately means getting the right product in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Organisations within a retail environment i.e. sales teams and merchandisers selling consumer products into retail stores can benefit from the SAP C4C REX as it provides perfect execution at the shelf and perfect engagement with customers.

SAP C4C REX provides the following benefits to potential customers:

  • Retail visits are more effective – merchandisers and field sales reps are empowered by targeting the right stores and performing relevant tasks at the right time for promotion and compliance in order to maximise ROI.
  • Customer experience is elevated – sales and marketing managers are provided with critical in-store insight and better and more timely information to successfully execute promotions, analyse in-store performance and make continual improvements to campaigns.
  • Gain a competitive edge – real-time store and visit insights are combined with competitive data which are in surveys to make the best decisions on product placement, pricing, packaging and promotion to outmanoeuvre the competition.