Reflecting on 2022 to make better business choices tomorrow

2022 has been quite an eventful year for markets, technology, and communities as a whole. We’ve investigated markets, explored various business solutions, and shared good practices that can help you run your business better. Now, before we kick-start the new year, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the important lessons we shared and learnt.

Omnichannel contact centres are necessary for good customer engagement

Consumers are interacting with businesses on different devices and through different channels. Phone calls are no longer the only effective method for consumers to reach businesses. Now adays, consumers prefer to handle customer issues through other methods like self-service chatbots, messages (SMS and social network chats), email, and even video calls. They also want the option to engage with brands on their favourite platforms, for instance, Twitter and Instagram.

Turn your call centre into a powerful, omnichannel contact centre with an effective, easy-to-use solution. We suggest choosing between the following solutions:

We get more in detail on the importance contact centre’s here.

Secure online payments with the right payment gateway

We know that when it comes to online shopping, one aspect of concern for customers is the security of their sensitive information. This is especially true with regards to account/payment details. It is imperative to ensure you protect your customers by using a secure payment solution. Something to also keep in mind is customers need for options. They need more than just one payment option to choose from. You can deliver on both of these through the right payment gateway.  Furthermore, the right payment gateway will help you speed up payment processes, decrease fraud threats, and improve the buying journey. If you are looking for a reliable payment gateway, look at the following solutions:

  • Paygate
  • Peach Payments
  • DPO
  • Netcash
  • PayPal

Learn more on payment gateways in our article, Secure online payments with payment gateways.

Integrate the management of your business solutions

If your business is anything like other businesses, you are most likely using more than one application to keep your daily business activities running. Once you have more than one system in place, managing them all successfully becomes challenging. You need to find an integrated solution that let’s you manage and view all your application activity from a central point. This allows you to:

  • See application issues before they become detrimental
  • Find data faster and easier
  • Operate more effectively across the business
  • Improve how you oversee change management

SAP Solution Manager is a great tool for managing and monitoring more than one SAP and non-SAP solutions. Here is why.

Choose cloud over traditional, for your business’s future

Whether you are thinking about POS systems or even something more intensive as a new ERP system, cloud should be top-of-mind. Traditional solutions that are generally on-premise solutions lack the functionality needed to deliver on the expectations of today’s consumers. They want personalisation, convenience, mobility, and 24-hour accessibility that only cloud solution scan offer consistently and easily. Cloud-based solutions use the power of technology to speed up processes and make things easier for you and your stakeholders. Such solutions are becoming more prominent relevant in current markets because they:

  • use automation to improve all processes
  • require little to no hardware and physical maintenance
  • are easy to scale up or down
  • store data online, making it accessible to authorised staff from anywhere
  • are easier to integrate than traditional solutions
  • automate the collection and analysis of data for higher accuracy

If you are interested in exploring why cloud solutions are currently the better option, give this article a read: Why cloud is better for your business. When it comes choosing the cloud-based solutions to use, we suggest the following for the different areas business:

Point of sale – Digitrade’s Magento POS solution

Marketing solution – SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement solution

B2C and B2B online sales – Digitrade and SAP Commerce Cloud

Sales solution for sales team – SAP Sales Cloud

Customer service solution – SAP Service Cloud

Full-rounded CX solution – SAP CX Cloud

A new year, a new strategy

Enter the new year with the right strategy and the right tools to accomplish the goals you have set out for your CRM, business processes, and overall operations. Rest assured that you are not alone on this journey. Consnet’s team of experts are ready to help you in any and every area of business that truly matters. If you are interested in any solution or business matter mentioned above, go ahead, and contact us. We are always ready to help you reach your company’s full potential.s you manage and view all your application activity from a central point.