Whether you’re an established business
or a small start-up, having an effective Contact Centre can bring huge business benefits, like the improvement of customer relationships.

  • Want to improve communications with clients?
  • Looking for a better communication tool to support your business or staff?
  • Would you like to increase efficiency?
  • Need access to real-time reports that help you better understand your business?
  • Do you want to automate time-consuming Contact Centre tasks?

If you answer is yes to any of the above questions, QContact is what your business needs. 

Top reasons to use QContact

1. Complete Omnichannel Contact Centre

Your customers want to contact you at a time that suits them. In addition, they want to contact you through their preferred communication channel. That’s the reason behind QContact’s creation – to make customer communication a much simpler process.

This solution can, thus, help you bring all your calls, texts, emails, live chats & social media into one unified interface.

2. Lead Tracking with QContact

No more Excel spreadsheets or reminders in your diary!

Besides helping you organise your leads and opportunities, QContact also lets you stay on top of things with a simple Kanban-style layout. This tool is customisable, thus allowing it to fit around your business’s sales process.

You can finally organise and move your leads along your sales funnel.

You can even add reminders to make sure you don’t forget important tasks or to call back for a follow-up. Furthermore, you can set a task for someone else within your organisation to follow up on something on your behalf. Every single conversation is also tracked, therefore you will always know where you are with your customer.

QContact enables you to know your companies’ opportunities at a glance. Moreover, if a staff member leaves, the information doesn’t leave with them. It offers lead tracking reports accordingly by ‘agent or team’, thus allowing you to compare so that you do not miss any opportunity. Also, if you are running any advertising campaigns, we can pull your leads through to the system with all the information that you initially submit.

3. Simple to use

Say goodbye to long training programs because QContact is designed to be easy to use. This results specifically in a reduction of training costs whilst providing a better experience for your staff and customers.

Additionally, you don’t have to log in to multiple systems to communicate with your clients. This is because this solution makes navigating your way around a client’s account easier.

Above all, every aspect of QContact is customisable to meet your needs with easy to use tools. Also, it provides a complete, open API allowing two-way communication to any existing systems and even reporting platforms.

Within your customer’s record, QContact enables you to, namely:

  • Update customer information
  • Add a manual workflow
  • Download/Add an attachment
  • Add notes
  • Make a phone call
  • Send a text message or message
  • Set a reminder add a call back / task
  • Add an opportunity
  • Send & receive contracts over-e-sign
  • Instant playback of call recordings

QContact Integrations

You are a business and your time is money! Thus, QContact has made it easy to link to your existing e-commerce & retail systems. This immediately shows you a unified customer timeline pulling information from all your databases.

Get your integrations up and running in minutes! QContact integrates with some of the most used and beloved systems on the market. For instance, below are some examples of its integration capabilities and what they can do for your organisation.






Dynamically update mailing list subscriptions.

See messages sent to each customer in real-time.

Update list subcriptions.

Stay up-to-date with invoices, expenses, reporting, suppliers, and even customers. 

Manage customers, orders and shipping in real-time. Also, process refunds, cancellations and order updates directly from QContact.