QContact, for better customer communications

We all want to enjoy every shopping experience we have. Whether you are picking items off shelves or adding products to your online cart, you expect businesses to always deliver great customer service and experiences. You are not alone in this. In fact, businesses understand the importance of providing quality experiences for consumers as they see how it directly affects their profit. According to a study held by Forbes, businesses see an 80% increase in their revenues when they focus on improving their customer experiences and overall customer relationships. That is because more consumers are willing to become loyal customers to brands that consistently satisfy all their customer needs. As a result, the brand enjoys an increase in customers, an increase in repeat buyers, and thus, an increase in sales.

So how exactly can a brand start improving its customer engagement and CX? It starts with creating simpler and more enjoyable experiences that your consumers want to engage with. As we are in the digital age, many businesses opt for automated systems and solutions that can help them with this, and they work if you find the right one for your brand. Consnet, for instance, offers a number of incredible Contact Centre Solutions that help businesses enhance their CRM and customer engagement. One of these Solutions, in particular, offers an all-in-one interface that is easy to use, saves your business time, and most importantly, improves how you manage your customer relationships. QContact is that Solution, and it might be exactly what your organisation needs.

Defining QContact

If you aim to improve your business’s communications with customers and deliver the best possible CX, QContact will definitely interest you. QContact is a Contact Centre Solution that enables your business to efficiently communicate with all customers on numerous channels. This Contact Centre significantly saves your customers and agents time by routing all customer communications to the right agents. All their platforms are run in a cloud for maximum security and easy access for authorised personnel.

Reasons to use QContact

As a brand custodian, you are always on the lookout for solution features. Specifically, features that can better your business and its processes now and in the long run. QContact has many features and benefits that future-proof your business and equip it with every tool it needs to enhance its customer experiences. A few great reasons why you should consider this communication Solution are as follows:

  1. Simple integration
  2. All-inclusive system
  3. Omnichannel customer support
  4. 360-degree dashboard
  5. SLA instantly accessible

QContact Features


Consnet’s QContact Solution is made to increase company revenues and productivity through the platform’s innovative technology. It is also adaptable to all businesses and handles your eCommerce, customer services, and sales like a pro. Moreover, QContact gives your business the following features for better CX and customer engagement:

  • Automation: Your team can work smarter and faster without making as much human errors through automation.
  • Call Routing: This reduces the time your team and customers spend on the phone by routing calls to the relevant agents.
  • Channels: With QContact, you can communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers on the platforms they prefer.
  • Compliance: QContact understands how important it is for your business to be fully compliant wherever it operates and, thus, keeps a high standard of compliance.
  • CRM: Managing your customer interactions and streamlining your business processes are easier with QContact’s powerful CRM features.
  • Marketing: Track how your brand and advertising are performing through surveys and specially placed numbers.
  • Reporting: Gain business insights with effective reports in real-time using QContact’s granular reporting.
  • Security: You can also use QContact to safeguard your business data as it protects your information.
  • Telephony: The QContact Solution aims to make your customer conversations richer through its wonderful telephony features.

Make use of this Solution through Consnet today. Give your business what it needs to create customer interactions that yield great results. Click here to get Consnet’s QContact Solution and transform your company’s communication today.