Point-of-Sale Application

A Point-of-Sale Application (POS) allows business store owners to enhance their sales process and optimise checkout and returns. Similarly, it helps sync sales data from multiple stores and displays it on a central dashboard. In addition, this allows you to view the database and track multiple store sales in real-time.

The Point-of-Sale Application (POS) is created with Magento and our Digital eCommerce Platform, as they work together. Thus, offering seamless integration for these solutions using our Consnet Digital Platform.

Our Point-of-Sale Application (POS) can be tailored for your business. Magento POS system is a checkout technology used at the POS and/or returns. This system streamlines the ordering, returns and payment processes. Additionally, the Magento Application is open for development and enhancement to make it work specifically as your business process flows require.

The POS system adds the product cost, sales tax, and barcode scanning. Similarly, the system can also process discounts or loyalty points during checkout. Thus, the POS system speeds up the checkout. It tracks all product transactions real-time. If a product is out of stock, you can be notified from the system’s records. 

POS features include:

Sync order and customer data in real-time.

Reduce manual data entry from stores.

Manage transactions from one admin panel.

Personalise checkout options for customers.

Monitor employee actions.

Customise your business invoices.

Analyse all the sales reports.

Keep track of your  inventory.

Types of POS Systems:

1. On-premise POS System

On-premise POS system are installed on a server at your facility. Thus, they are also called legacy or traditional POS system. Hence, they probably look like a touchscreen monitor or a desktop computer.  

2. Cloud-based POS System
cloud pos

A cloud-based POS system is installing on remote data centers. Therefore, you can access the stored data from anywhere. Ideally, the software can be updated remotely and automatically. You don’t need to maintain the system or servers on-site.

3. Other types of POS System

Mobile POS accepts payments on a mobile device. It can be smartphones, tablets, or iPads.

Similarly, Mobile POS is a part of the cloud-based POS system. Thus, offering better mobility for on-the-go businesses.

Retail POS systems are designed for brick-and-mortar stores. It lets you manage orders and process payments quickly.

In addition, you can also manage customer profiles and staff activities for retail. 

Multichannel POS systems can work with many points of sales. It can integrate with your website and social media.

The software is compatible with all channels. Hence, this is helpful for merchants that have omnichannel brands.

The POS Software keeps track of all transactions. Thus, also collects customer details and order history. 

Advantages of POS System

Let us help you find the right POS system for your business. A POS system with unique features for your business requirements.