More selling time, less admin time

In the world of sales, we come across many sales reps looking to decrease their sales admin and create more selling opportunities, just like Gift. Gift is a sales professional who handles sales for a B2C company. Whenever Gift engages with a customer, she needs two things that can help her connect with a customer and secure a sale, specifically:

  1. Information/data: On the customer, the products they sell, the business, and any other piece of data that can help with converting a sale.

      2.  Sales skills: When you have the right data, you need the right skills set to know how to use that information             to convert a sale.

Gift can get this information by searching for all data the company collects. She can also learn the necessary skills through adequate training and experience. However, manually searching for information is time-consuming and frustrating. While, continuous sales training can be costly. This is why SAP CX has an incredible cloud-based solution that focuses on optimising business sales. Let me reintroduce you to SAP Sales Cloud, your sales team’s dream solution.

Making sales easier with SAP Sales Cloud

Adopting a customer-centric, data-driven sales strategy is the first step to boosting revenues in the modern world. SAP Sales Cloud makes this transition seamless as it is a next-generation customer engagement tool. This solution supports sales professionals by providing smart insights and guidance driven by data on how to effectively complete a sale with every unique customer you come across. By making use of artificial intelligence, sales reps can engage with customers at the perfect time and with the perfect offer. What’s more, it’s not limited to online or in-store sales. SAP Sales Cloud is cloud-based, meaning it is accessible from anywhere and can also be of immense value for in-field sales. That way, there’s more selling that can take place.

Data + Skills = A successful sales solution

On SAP Sales Cloud, sales professionals like Gift can use personalised dashboards to see information related to their sales activities and performance, while also guiding them on the actions to take to lock in more sales.

Guided Selling is an incredible function on the SAP Sales Cloud that gives sales reps a view of all their sales opportunities categorised by phases in the sales journey. The function feeds sales personnel relevant information they can use to engage better with customers. Examples of this include customer history and latest activities. This eliminates the hassle of wasting time and effort on searching for information. Using filters, sales reps can keep a close eye on high priority accounts. This, while simultaneously managing all other accounts on one, unified interface.

The solution doesn’t stop there when it comes to combining data and skills to help your sales team improve its success rate. It intelligently provides sales personnel with recommendations on the best actions to take to accelerate the sales conversion process. These recommendations are detailed and allow the solution user to:

  • Set up appointments with customer
  • Plan activities (e.g., weekly check-in/update call)
  • View notes on the latest interactions with customer
  • Check key contacts
  • Products

Optimising sales processes

Time is money, especially in sales. The less time you use to successfully complete a sale, the more sales you can complete. This is how increasing profits works and what SAP Sales Cloud helps you accomplish. As a result, revenues and win rates both increase with the help of its intelligent features, including:

• Intelligent forecasting

The use of data, automation, and smart technology does not only make it easier for the business to better understand their customers and sales processes. It also provides accurate forecasts and recommendations in real time, helping sales teams make informed decisions that turnover profits.

• Unified and integrated platform

Thanks to its integration capability, SAP Sales Cloud allows sales reps to leverage actionable insights that consider all aspects of the sales journey and key individuals involved in the process. This wins you more business and opportunities empowered by fast data analysis that is filters through all sales-related systems.

• Pipeline flow and manager

Managing sales and sales rep performance is simpler through this solution as it gives you a full view of your sales pipeline health. By visualising what is happening at every stage of the pipeline, sales reps are able to take necessary actions at the right time. They can also see any potential issues with customers before they can harm the business’s reputation.

• High-performance selling

A feature any sales professional can appreciate is the automation over repetitive manual tasks and interaction capturing. It instantly removes unnecessary sales barriers which in turn maximizes productivity, using:

  • collaborative tools
  • interactive dashboards
  • real-time data analytics 

SAP Sales Cloud forms part of the holistic customer engagement solution, SAP CX. If you are interested in a sales solution that effectively improves your sales from all angles, let’s arrange a time and day for a non-obligation chat on your sales goals and how SAP Sales Cloud can help you achieve them. For more selling and less admin, book a demo with us.