Martech a.k.a marketing technology, including marketing software and marketing platforms.

Can you imagine marketing that is not technology-powered? 

Digital transformation has changed nearly all the aspects of how we conduct business, and this includes how we perform marketing. Digital marketing enables companies of all sizes to reach a large audience cost-effectively through technologies that individuals use daily. 

Martech is used to create, execute, automate, manage, orchestrate, and measure the performance of online and offline content, campaigns and experiences. Businesses are able to track, measure, and change the different elements that comprise within each campaign. Marketing teams are able to influence prospects, follow the buyer journey in the marketing funnel and measure ROI (return on investment). 

Let’s take a look at some of the popular Martech applications being used today:

Martech solutions may vary from company to company, talk to us. Let’s discuss your business requirements to ensure that you choose the best solution that suits your needs.