Manage all your processes with SAP Solution Manager

SAP SolMan? What is that?

If you are looking for a Solution that will centralise, automate, and improve your entire system landscape, you have just found it. SAP Solution Manager, also known as SAP SolMan, is an application management and administration tool.

This platform allows businesses to improve their processes by providing integration for content, tools, and access to SAP systems. In other words, it is a wonderful Solution for implementing, monitoring, and operating multiple SAP and non-SAP systems within your business.

No need to worry about the adaptability and flexibility of this Solution. SAP SolMan also supports businesses with making changes to its business processes as a means of adapting to new requirements. Thus, this Solution has the ability to continue supporting your business throughout its lifecycle.

The SAP SolMan Solution handles your entire IT environment through:

  1. Addressing technical aspects of software Solutions
  2. Handling business aspects of software Solutions
  3. Managing current and future software Solutions
  4. Supporting SAP and non-SAP software

So, what is in it for you?

If you have a number of applications and software Solutions you use in your business, then there are numerous challenges you need to deal with. For example, managing multiple systems manually is time-consuming. It is also more susceptible to human error. SAP SolMan, however, does not only relieve you of those challenges, but it also:

  • Lowers total cost of ownership
  • Ensures Solution’s environment performs at its peak
  • Minimise risks
  • Ensures maximum benefits from IT
  • Increases reliability of Solutions
  • Traces all changes to IT Solution

What features does SolMan offer?

SAP Solution Manager comes packed with tools to manage and monitor all your SAP and non-SAP software effectively. These diverse tools thus allow you to monitor systems, user experiences, jobs, and integration, to name a few.

IT and App Support

Support for IT and application functions is available for SAP SolMan users. Through its service desk, you can efficiently manage incidents. What’s more, you can also settle all costs related to support. SAP SolMan facilitates the following phases of technical support for its users:

  • Planning
  • Operations
  • Deployment
  • Optimisation
Solution Monitoring

Are you still looking for a simpler way to keep an eye on how your business Solutions are continuously performing? Then SAP SolMan is the answer as it monitors all systems, interfaces, and business processes in real-time. Above all, this Solution checks everything on its own and automates notifications. Thus, helping your business avoid problematic scenarios and lessen administrative activities. 


Expect quick and easy testing with the SAP Solution Manager because it speeds up test preparations and executions. From a central point, you can access the entire system landscape, specifically all testing material and results. This point is the Test Suite group, and it provides you with status overviews for:

  • Test plans
  • Business process changes
  • Test executions

You can also create and customise unique tests. These will help you get accurate answers for whatever you are analysing. This, coupled with the ability to analyse those results, enhances your business’s forecasting precision.

Change Management:

Managing and keeping track of all your IT software changes can be tough. This is especially true if multiple people can make changes. SAP SolMan swiftly eliminates this issue by controlling all IT changes and enabling their traceability. Therefore allowing you to monitor who is making changes, when, and where. Change management processes that SAP SolMan provides include:

  • Approval of change requests
  • Deployment of changes
  • Analysis of changes

Other features you can look forward to within SolMan are:

  • Analysis of root causes
  • Service recommendations and processing
  • Administrative tasks
  • Management of service levels
  • Reporting of service levels
  • Implementation and upgrading of accelerating content

Manage your IT and business processes professionally and efficiently. Do it easily with Consnet’s SAP Solution Manager. Just click here to learn more about this Solution and how to incorporate it into your business.