Kissflow Workflow Management System is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider that empowers organisations. In other words, by aiding them with efficiently managing their workflow processes on a unified platform. In addition, Kissflow Workflow Management software solution offerings is robust with effective, simple to use solutions that have produced winning results in over 160 countries. 

The Kissflow Workflow Management System looks at the hundreds of processes involved that keep large orgainsations moving forward. For instance, every department and team have certain standard processes to follow. In addition, Kissflow Workflow Management System identifies the best ways to map, execute, integrate, improve and automate workflows. 

Workflow management system

Kissflow enhances your enterprise workflow management with the following:

No-code tool 

The intuitive visual designer and simple drag-and-drop from builder make setting up workflows a breeze.

Easy integration

Kissflow can integrate seamlessly with other tools to provide a stress-free experience. 

Secure data

Thus, role-based access tightens data security and keeps information confidential.

Powerful reporting and analytics

Similarly, with real-time reporting and in-depth analytics, Kissflow provides the workflow insights your business requires. 


In addition, Kissflow is built to enable enterprise workflow management no matter how big the need.

Anytime anywhere access

Therefore, with cloud technology, you can access information from any location or device and not have to worry about network downtime. 

Kissflow Workflow Management Systems Core Capabilities

Digital workplace
Workflow Management - Collaborate
Workflow Management - Coordinate
Workflow Management - Control
Workflow Management - Integrate
Workflow Management - Analyse
Workflow Management - Mobile

Kissflow Workflow Management Solution follows a lightweight approach compared to other workflow tools. Thus, providing a simple, yet effective solution for complex workflow processes.

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