Improve your CRM – it’s simple with Consnet

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategic tool used to improve business performance through better management of customer interaction. Implementing quality CRM in the modern age entails using software that gathers data, while also automating and integrating business activities. This can be challenging to do without the use of experts, as there are numerous CRM software solutions to choose from, but not all will effective for your business. Luckily, some organizations can customize and set up bespoke solutions on your behalf, like Consnet.

Here are ways to improve your business’s CRM, along with solution options that Consnet can tailor for your business.

Adopt top eCommerce solutions

For a business to generate profits online, customers need to complete their purchases online, which isn’t possible without an eCommerce platform. Faulty eCommerce software can also push consumers to leave your site/page before completing their transaction. Make use of a quality eCommerce system to avoid losing out on potential online sales.

Consnet SolutionsMagento eCommerce; SAP C4C; eCommerce ERP Integration

Use reliable payment gateways

Once your business has an eCommerce platform in place, you’ll need a reliable method to authorize non-physical debit and credit card sales. This process protects you against credit card fraud and is done through the use of payment gateways.

Consnet SolutionsPayPal; Paygate; Peach Payments; Netcash             

Look into your contact centres

Good communication is the key to a successful relationship, which is also true for the relationship between a business and its customers. Well managed contact centres enable effective communication between brands and brand-users on all channels, which improves consumer engagement and overall public perception. 

Consnet Solutions:  Genesys; QContact; Sinch

Optimize on your digital and IT systems

Exceptional CRM does not only need the use of the right software, but also the integration of company systems for efficiency. Whether it’s an internal business operation, or consumer-facing operations such as Point of Sale (POS), integration makes business functions move faster and more easily throughout the company.

Consnet Solutions:  Consnet POS Application; SAP Solution Manager                  

Use dependable support services

Whether you use an onsite, offsite or mixed model version, you need a support system for your CRM solutions to maintain high productivity levels. Support services can be tailored to achieve different goals such as to support strategies, increase revenues and enhance customer experience.

Consnet Solutions:  Consnet Support Centre (CSC)

Perfect your recruitment process

One aspect that you might not have considered when thinking of CRM is talent recruitment. Having the right people in your organization helps your CRM and overall business run efficiently, but finding the right candidate can be time-consuming and daunting. Looking into expert recruiters is a great option. 

Consnet Solutions:  Consnet Recruitment Division