Improve processes with Sales Force Automation

What exactly is the significance of sales force automation?

It’s simple: To allow your sales team to focus on the most important aspects of sales. New-age field force software improves not only your sales team, but also your overall business by enriching your organisation with software and automation benefits for effective sales. The best part of it all is that it is so much easier to find and adopt sales force automation solutions in today’s world. Solutions such as BeatRoute provide businesses with solutions that are ready for use, out-of-box. Let’s take a look at everything you can achieve by investing in such a solution.

What can you achieve with BeatRoute Sales Force Automation?

Understanding the significance of automating your sales force is the first step. Now that we have outlined it, the next step is to figure out all the ways this automation will affect your business and everything it can help you achieve. Here are a few goals you may have that you can achieve with sales force automation.

1. Streamline sales force with GPS Intelligence

Do you always know how to track where your sales reps are conducting sales? Furthermore, can you track them live? Sales force automation tools simplify this for you by automatically tracking your sales reps’ GPS locations, while they are in the field. This helps with ensuring not only a sales rep’s attendance to the site, but it also ensures timely market coverage. It also gives you the tools for accurate location capturing and data profiling data, which you can use to make informed business decisions.

2. Improve relations with Territory & Route Optimization

BeatRoute uses an Orbit Optimization algorithm as a means of optimising their sales force automation tool for organisations. This is one example of how sales force solutions use technology to create strategies that best fit each business. These capabilities also help you with your customer and retailer relationships. They allow you to:

  • Better analyse resource skills and store profiles
  • Assess viability of expansion into new territories (travel cost estimations included)
  • Boosts customer relationship management

3. Increase sales with AI-powered SFA Order Taking App

One thing you can trust about a powerful sales force automation solution is that it will “fool proof’ any business’s sales performance. It does this by augmenting its sales executive’s skillsets. This solution’s use of A.I. assists your sales reps by making enhancement and auto application suggestions that will give them better results. You can use such a tool to enable stock-taking and returns processing. Moreover, you can capture feedback and raise issue resolution activities. In other words, you can run end to end strategies on using these solutions.

4. Access Visual Merchandising Audit App

Understanding a retail merchandising site is necessary to effectively evaluate the performance of your campaigns, product displays, and other sales processes. This is simplified and made better by an automated sales force solution, which enables your sales teams to collect insightful feedback. Solutions such as BeatRoute, for example, let you collect reliable data in on apps/platforms, and use machine learning to reduce the cost of audits.

5. Know your retail landscape for Segmented Action

A good sales force automation tool assists you with accurately profiling customers using data you collect on every site-visit. It can take your segmenting to the next level by automatically capturing geo-locations and running targeted schemes. Moreover, it makes suitable display investments based on store segments.

BeatRoute’s solution goes one step further and runs the fastest, safest KYC identity verification to disperse benefits to all stores within a business’s network.

Reasons to use BeatRoute for Sales Force Automation

The capabilities of all sales force automation tools are not the same. For this reason, different industries must figure out which solutions will best suit their specific needs, which generic sales force software struggle to do. BeatRoute, however, has industry-specific workflows that answer to the different needs of all types of businesses.

BeatRoute is a Sales Force Automation solution that works for every business-type because it is:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Highly integrable
  • Enhanced to work offline
  • Matched with support

To use BeatRoute or learn more about it, reach out to Consnet here and their team will assist you with your sales and more.