How to grow a profitable B2B website with SAP Commerce

B2B Challenges

Online sales are increasing daily around the world, in spite of the recent global pandemics and disruptions. This growth is not limited to business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, but also business-to-business (B2B) brands. With more businesses opting to restock and purchase products online, similarly more B2B retailers need to invest in eCommerce. Unlike Compared to B2C eCommerce transactions, B2B online sales are usually complex and follow longer buying processes. Additional challenges of B2B eCommerce include:

  • Inability to view into the supply chain
  • The need to comply with complex regulations
  • Rigid eCommerce platforms and tools

These challenges can all lead to:

  • poor customer experiences,
  • an increase in churn rates,
  • a decrease in revenue.

The answer to solving the above challenges is omnichannel eCommerce experiences. However, specifically experiences that match the right amount of self-service with the perfect amount of guidance.

A trustworthy B2B eCommerce Solution

First and foremost, SAP Commerce Cloud is an undeniably feature-rich eCommerce platform. It’s extremely effective with helping you innovate your customer experiences. You can use SAP Commerce Cloud to tap into next-level data analytics that’ll boost customer satisfaction and online revenues.

Secondly, SAP Commerce Cloud is powerful and helps companies overcome B2B and eCommerce related challenges. For example, it seamlessly integrates into your existing processes and solutions to overcome supply chain challenges. You can use SAP Commerce Cloud to:

  • simplify your clients’ online ordering process
  • improve online product discovery
  • scale your eCommerce functionality
  • adopt new channels

Flexibility is a key B2B function

Naturally, SAP Commerce Cloud handles high online traffic and business expansion incredibly well. This definitely comes in handy for online stores because B2B customers want simple, undisrupted buying experiences. As a result, SAP Commerce Cloud offers a library filled with features that improve B2B experiences. These features range from standard eCommerce functionality to process-optimising features, for instance:

  • Procurement system integration
  • B2B accelerator support (Multi-dimensional products and Future stock availability)
  • Search features
  • Merchant-specific features
  • Automated order processes
  • B2B-specific checkout features
  • Self-service organisation management
  • Product catalogues
  • Customer-specific pricing

Multi-channel customer engagement

Now and then, customers want to ask the business questions before, while, or after buying products. The easiest way for them to do this is undeniably through sending a chat within the website or calling the business directly. Again, in these cases, your customer service agents need to access customers’ details and history. This allows them to always manage online customers effectively. For this reason, SAP Commerce Cloud gives your service agents this information, allowing them to see important information. This data includes customer details (for example, business name, account number, etc.) and unique pricing.

Managing management

Lastly because of its integration, SAP Commerce Cloud can create online retail experiences for business customers. Moreover, it does so for their different channels, markets, and business models. Indeed, this solution’s managerial power certainly puts other management systems and solutions to shame. To demonstrate, some of its best capabilities include the management of processes, for instance:

  • Approval Workflows
  • Cost Centre Management
  • Sales Organisation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Spend Management
  • Business Technology Platform

Offer your B2B clients reliable and consistent online experiences. Not just any kind, but experiences that encourage them to keep using and choosing your products and services. With a future-fit eCommerce solution like SAP Commerce, you are sure to grow a consistently profitable B2B online store. Master the art of B2B eCommerce – book a free, no-obligation demo with us. We’ll certainly show you what it does, how it operates, and most importantly, how it will elevate your B2B business online and offline.