Genesys Cloud is a suite of cloud services for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration and Contact Centre management. It is set on top of Amazon Web Service (AWS) and uses a distribution cloud environment that provides secure access to organizations around the world with a marginal IT footprint.

Each layer of service integrates with others for a unified experience.

  • Firstly, the Genesys Cloud Platform provides the core architecture for all other services. For instance, all the API’s that power the browser, mobile, desktop, and telephony applications.
  • Genesys Cloud Collaborate is secondly, a social media app that contains data about the people in a workplace. It includes ways to connect with them, for example chats, videos, and document sharing.
  • Thirdly, the Genesys Cloud Communicate adds telephony features to collaborate, thus making it an effective communications solution. Features include phone, voicemail, conferencing, and transfers.
  • Finally, Genesys Cloud Contact Centre uses the telephony foundation of Genesys Cloud Communicate to operate a Contact Centre service that handles every aspect of customer interaction. Thus, including interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), skills-based routing of phone calls, emails, web chats, and more.

Key Benefits


Be there when your customers need you

Genesys Cloud supports geographically dispersed Contact Centre agents instead of requiring all agents to work out of the same physical Contact Centre location. Therefore ensuring customer care collaboration anywhere. A Cloud Contact Centre has higher agent satisfaction rates and, therefore, lower agent turnover. This leads to better customer service, a higher ratio of skills-based agents and considerable cost-saving operational efficiencies.


Ensure your Contact Centre can grow with your business

Genesys Cloud lives in a cloud. This highly flexible environment can scale, grow and change to meet customer demands. Whether you need additional technology as your business/customer needs change or you need to alter the number of available agent seats, Genesys Cloud gives you the flexibility to meet ever-changing needs.


Gain insight into the customer journey from start to finish

Genesys Cloud gives you the operational benefits of the cloud in a single browser-specific view. Moreover, it extracts insights from various touchpoints and channels to deliver comprehensive customer context directly to the agent interface. Giving agents access to what they need in a single application thus improves efficiency and eliminates customer frustration. This is as a result of siloed systems that force them to repeat information. 


Improve your analytical insights, resolution rates, and intelligent routing capabilities

With an intelligent, robust IVR on the front end, Genesys Cloud is capable of handling calls without the need for an agent. This thus allows call centre employees to manage more complex customer issues. For example, when a caller transfers to an agent’s line, the context transfers with them. It does this so your agent can solve the problem the first round without the need for customers repeating themselves. Therefore, raising first call resolution rates and delivering significant productivity improvements for the business. 


Moving to the cloud is simple and cost-effective

For organizations looking for alternative ways to extract maximum returns from their budgets and lower costs, Genesys Cloud is the solution. This is because it has low setup fees and the ability to quickly, cost-effectively address usage fluctuation. Thus, having a positive effect on the capital expenditures. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the cost of a future upgrade. Genesys Cloud updates continuously, therefore giving you up-to-date functionality at no extra cost.


Inbound Routing

Inbound capabilities within a Contact Centre are critical. When customers and prospects reach out, it is important to get them to the right agent, with the right information at the right time. 

Customer Self Service

Clear and simple self-service options empower customers to get the information they need when they need it. According to recent studies, more customers now expect companies to offer self-service options. 

Digital Channels

Digital channels are an essential part of today’s Contact Centres. Brands can improve their CRM by optimising various digital channels, such as social media platforms, emails, and USSR messaging.  

Outbound Campaigns

Outbound outreach is increasingly important in sales and service. Forbes found that 87% of customers want proactive communications from companies about customer service issues. 

Quality Management

Quality management includes interaction recording, real-time monitoring, search tools to locate recorded interactions, interaction evaluation and reporting, and calibration features. Genesys Cloud tools lets you handle all interactions effectively and efficiently. 

Workforce Management 

Great CX starts with great planning and effective teams. Thus, workforce management capabilities maximize your team’s time, engagement, and results to improve customer-facing KPIs.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive, cross-channel reporting and analytics are crucial for delivering critical customer and business insights. Thus, we deliver on them.


Consider your current environment and your future needs because the ability to easily integrate with complimentary tools, such as your CRM system, is essential for managing the customer journey.

Solution Architecture

High Availability / Fault Tolerance

Genesys Cloud is active in multiple, independent AWS regions around the globe. Accordingly, each region consists of multiple Amazon “Availability Zones,” with each comprising of one or more physical data centres. As a result, redundancy is built into the fabric of the system even at this level. Each Availability Zone has separate power, backbone network connectivity data memory, and (in some cases) physical separation spanning tectonic fault plates. Customer data is then replicated across the zones and data centres.

In effect, the loss of an entire data centre would only temporarily reduce capacity because the situation would automatically heal without any data loss. In addition to ensuring data durability, data sovereignty is also an important aspect of cloud deployment. Further more, the Genesys Cloud architecture enables an organization to define its “region of record.” This thus ensures that data doesn’t cross regional boundaries within our infrastructure.

Above Diagram: Structure of Genesys Cloud across global AWS regions

Microservices Architecture
Solution Security

Genesys Cloud solves the problems of monolithic architecture with our use of microservices. Hence with microservices, we solve complex problems with simple, stateless objects.

Instead of using sever components, Genesys Cloud divides its functionality into services, each of which handles a given type of request. 

  • On-demand scaling:

Most Genesys Cloud services use an ELB with an auto-scaling group (ASG). Genesys Cloud efficiently distributes load and monitors groups, according to service-specific policies. 

  • Fail-safe processing:

Because they operate independently, a problem with one microservice cannot affect the other, thus greatly limiting the potential for problems. 

The Genesys Cloud platform impressivey meets and exceeds modern security standards with external penetration testing, attack defence automation, and TLS and AES-256 encryption.

  • Data Security: 

All in all, encrypting data at rest is a fundamental design characteristic of the Genesys Cloud platform. Therefore, we secure cloud traffic using TLS encryption and protect customer data via the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. 

  • Application Security:

Application security testing occurs throughout the lifecycle. Thus, there is continuous code testing and reviewing during development. Further more, it is done using commercial and in-house toolsets, dynamic code analysis, and third-party vulnerability assessments. 

  • Development lifecycle security:

Security is embedded in the software development lifecycle at Genesys. An independent product security team uses an agile development process that incorporates security early in the lifecycle, with multiple validation steps. Developers are regularly trained on web application security protocols, including the Security Project (OWASP) and SANS Top 25 common vulnerabilities.