Genesys, the powerful Contact Centre Solution

At first, customer experiences only took place in-store. Then businesses converted to over-the-phone interactions and call centres. Now, everyone is engaging with brands and their products via multiple channels. For instance,  social media platforms, emails, and even video chats. 

Customer experiences continuously evolve and expand over time. Digital innovations continue to change customers’ experience needs and as a result, businesses also continue to feel the pressure to meet these ever-changing needs.

 For example, more customers want to interact with brands on their preferred platform, at their preferred time, and in a manner that connects with them on a personal level. This means businesses need to be available to their customers on all platforms, at all times, and with content that connects with each customer on a personal level.

This sounds impossible to achieve, and it is – if you do not have the added advantages of a powerful Contact Centre Solution. One that can help your business:

  • effectively reach customers across channels and boarders;
  • collect and organise data for actionable insights;
  • automate redundant activities and;
  • create experiences customers want to engage with.

You need a solution like Consnet’s Genesys Solution.

What is Genesys?

Genesys coordinates countless customer experiences for consumers in over 100 countries each year. However, it still manages to maintain a high CX standard across the board. Their powerful cloud and CX solutions give businesses the tools they need to hone great service, empathy, and scalability with regard to CX. This too whilst also delivering experiences that yield real results in real-time. Now, how can a Contact Centre does all of this for an organisation? That’s the thing: Genesys is more than just a Contact Centre. It is an omnichannel CX solution that enables businesses to deliver predictive and effectively personalised experiences. Thus, strengthening their customer relationships and improving productivity. Enhancing overall engagement as a result.

How does Genesys work?

With the Genesys Cloud CX solution, you can communicate with customers across channels (chat, voice, email, text). Thus, giving customers the power to engage in ways that are convenient to them. Additionally, Genesys allows agents to handle different types of conversations with numerous customers at any given time.

Some of Genesys’ key benefits include:

  1. Flexible scalability
  2. Improvement of productivity levels
  3. Collection of actionable consumer insights
  4. Geo-flexible set-up (agents can work from anywhere)
  5. Easy integration
  6. Live, 360 degree view dashboards

To investigate more of Genesys’ key benefits in detail, checkout Consnet’s page on the Genesys Contact Centre Solution. Our focus now, however, will be looking specifically at some features on the Genesys platform that truly showcase what this solution can do.

What can Genesys do?

If you take a tour through the Genesys platform’s dashboard, you will find several useful tools that make your agents’ lives easier and your customers’ experiences better. From customer profiles to agent performance reports, Genesys sets your business up with some effective features. Here, we will highlight a few we know will interest you.

1. Active Interactions List

The Active Interaction’s List gives your agents a view of all their customer interactions across all channels and conversations. This allows agents to easily switch between different conversations and engage with multiple customers at the same time. Genesys also allows your agents to do this simultaneously across communication channels, This means agents can engage one customer in a chat conversation and another via phone call without disconnecting either one.

Each interaction in the list highlights the customer’s name, queue name, and a timer.

2. Customer Profile


On the right-hand side of the dashboard, you will find a Profile window. This window gives agents all the information they need to understand who they are speaking with. Additionally, it shows agents the customer journey each customer follows to engage with the brand. Therefore, key account information and client details are easier to reference using this window. Also, it gives agents the advantage of quickly checking a customer’s interaction history. This can give agents information that can help them offer a more efficient customer experience.

3. Agent Performance Report

For reflection, tracking and self-improvement purposes, Genesys has a Performance tab that gives agents a full report on how well they are performing. This is where agents view real-time metrics, schedules, and evaluation records. Furthermore, agents can compare their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performance results over time.

Supervisors also get in on the action as this feature enables them to also view and review their agents’ performance. Those managing agents can create and share performance scorecards with them on this platform. Moreover, agents can respond or enquire with their supervisors about these scorecards on Genesys . Overall, this helps businesses better manage the quality of their CX.

With all this new insight, it is worth your time to contact Consnet and try the Genesys solution out for yourself. Just click here to transform your company’s communication today.