Field sales automation for revenue growth

Field sales automation for revenue growth

Field sales reps often spend a big percentage of their time traveling to and from clients. Their schedules are flexible (if not unpredictable) and they often have quite a bit of independence in their day-to-day. They book their own meetings, make their own travel plans, initiate follow-ups, etc.

Typically, field sales reps sell products with a fairly long and complex sales cycle, like B2B sales for consumer goods, manufacturing, food services, automotive, and pharmaceutical companies. Thus, they may only close a handful of deals, but they tend to be longer-term and of higher value deals.

For instance, field sales reps are always on the road, it is a tough job. The hours start to add up when you start to factor in the extra time required for preparation and paperwork that must be completed. Paperwork is a necessary evil. Without forms and reports, there is no way to track progress. Thus, you can’t follow-up or improve what you don’t track.

Therefore, the more control and visibility you have of your sales pipeline, field sales teams, the more revenue you can bring into the business.

Thankfully, there is a better and smarter way to work in the age of mobile technology!

SAP Sales Cloud helps you to truly understand your customers. You can improve all your sales engagements, build relationships that last and grow your business revenue.

Let us take a look at how you can streamline and automate the critical field sales processes that your business requires.

1. Sales process optimization

Provide your field sales team with a full 360-degree view of their customers contact details, past and present purchase history. Thus, they can view products that the customer purchases regularly and what products they can upsell or offer customers to purchase in the future.

2. Digital selling

Equip your field sales reps with the ability to engage customers and drive sales. They can provide mobile sales capabilities across devices with automated online and offline synchronization. In addition, they can place orders whilst with customers, capture notes, schedule follow-up meetings and explore customer analytics.

3. Visit planning

Arrange and optimize field sales and /or retail execution planning while improving performance at each customer. Field sales reps can plan their visits and ensure that every customer gets the appropriate support and sales attention. Surveys can be set up to help field sales and retail execution tasks at each customer to ensure that products promotions are properly executed. Thus, your field sales reps can also proactively make changes to improve the performance at each location using the perfect store KPIs and real-time insights.

Use your field sales team to continuously grow your business pipeline and revenue!


Do you want to see how sales cloud for field sales can benefit your business? Consent can help you to better your current processes using SAP Sales Cloud to give you the competitive advantage to easily monitor your field sales team’s task and help them grow your business revenue.

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