Enrich your engagement with Sinch

“Don’t talk to your customers; talk with them.” This statement encompasses the type of communication that Consnet’s Sinch Contact Centre Solution aims to construct between businesses and their customers. This is because today’s consumers seek simpler, convenient, and more personal experiences when interacting with businesses. The age of convenience allows them to want this and as a result, businesses must make the means to deliver these customer expectations. Consumers, however, don’t only seek convenience when shopping in-store or online, but they also seek convenience when communicating with brands. Basically, consumers want brands to tailor engagement experiences to them.

CEO Today even says that for a business to effectively communicate with its customers, it must:

  1. Be available and accessible to customers
  2. Create personal interactions with customers
  3. Communicate often, without annoying customers

All these steps revolve around the consumer and what keeps them interested enough to engage with us. However, any business that wants to increase its sales will follow these steps because consumers are more loyal to brands that satisfy their customer needs. The happier your customers, the more sales you make. Thus, it’s worth investing in your client’s satisfaction. A wonderful place to start with improving how your customers experience your brand is an effective, omnichannel Contact Centre Solution, like Sinch. In accordance with its name, Sinch exists to make effective communication with customers an easy task. Thus, it offers you a scalable, cloud-based Contact Centre Solution that will uplift your CRM.

Sinch Benefits

Results speak very loudly, and Sinch’s record proves that they know what they are doing when it comes to improving businesses’ CRM and engagement. Its range of features come with countless benefits that most businesses are trying to achieve. However, not all brands realise they can get those benefits using this powerful Contact Centre. Those advantages include:

  • Boosts your business’s revenues
  • Improves your quality of service
  • Reduces chances of customers not engaging
  • Avoids delivery attempts that fail
  • Increases foot traffic
  • Prevents fraud
  • Predicts profitability of acquiring certain new customers
  • Verifies users
  • Enables contextual calls/call tracking
  • Creates better sign up/in process
  • Allows your brand to build and connect with customers privately

Communication channels you can manage

To be a business that is reachable on multiple channels is to be a business that delivers on its customers’ engagement needs. Thus, multichannel Contact Centres should be top-of-mind to all who are responsible for a business’s customer communication activities. Effective Contact Centres like Sinch connect you with your customers quickly from anywhere, using a unified platform. With Sinch, you can manage customer engagement via Voice, Messaging, and Video communication, allowing for more effective and personalised experiences.

Voice Communication

Sinch allows your customers to reach you via phone call or over a data connection. Its dashboard assists your Contact Centre agents with handling incoming calls and outgoing calls, making management of calls easier. This Contact Centre Solution allows your customers to reach you from a variety of platforms, specifically for calls. For instance, Sinch enables your business to receive, make, and manage:

  • Phone to phone calls
  • Text to speech calls
  • App to app calls
  • Conference calls
  • App to phone calls

Messaging Communication

What more can we say about omnichannel messaging, except that you need it and should incorporate it into your business, if you haven’t already. Sinch makes this transition a breeze as it leverages one API to receive and send messages on your customers’ favourite platforms. The messaging channels that can be configured for your brand through Sinch include:

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Emails

Video Communication

There is something powerful about videos on online platforms and the impact they have on consumers. For instance, 93% of marketers have landed a new client because of videos online, according to Animoto’s 2018 Consumer Trends report. Video content attracts more attention online, and video calls are also a form of communication many people have become accustomed to. Sinch, thus, helps your business create customisable video chat experiences for your customers. On top of that, Sinch enables you to create these experiences in mobile, web and desktop applications.


If you want to enrich your customer engagement today, contact Consnet for their Sinch Contact Centre Solution. Click here to learn more about Sinch and how to incorporate it into your business.