Integration made easy with our Consnet Digital Platform

Integration with Consnet Digital Platform

eCommerce ERP integration using CDP(Consnet Digital Platform)

So, your online store is up and functional. Yes, it’s a little slow with order and inventory updates. Yes, you still must spend lots of time manually entering data, but it still works right?

No. Not really.


Your website looks like it’s working, yet your overall results reflect less than your company can achieve. There is a better way to collect, sync, and organize data passing between your eCommerce platform and your business itself. This way is ERP integration.

Integrating your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows you to sync information between all your key business systems. This includes information on customer data, orders, and delivery details, for example. Thus, through this form of integration, data management processes within your business speed up. Also, your chances of making data errors decrease. The possibilities are indeed endless once you connect your ERP with your online store, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

ERPs meet eCommerce

According to a study held by Panorama Consulting in 2018, ERP implementation leads to an overall improvement of business processes in 95% of businesses. These improvements, therefore, increase the likelihood of a brand achieving a Return on Investment (ROI) within its projected timeline successfully. All of these factors are landmarks every business strives to accomplish and data shows that you can achieve them through effective ERP systems.

A business’s online platform is also another tool that assists companies with reaching their objectives. For example, having an eCommerce platform enables a business to:

  • Decrease and optimize its advertising spend
  • Collect detailed customer data
  • Sell and engage across borders
  • Increase its reach and customer base
  • Update and gather information superfast

Separately, both software solutions can help your business. Suprisingly however when integrated, they will certainly catapult your business to the top with an error-free, instant movement of company and customer data across business departments.

Benefits of integrating

To run a successful online store and overall business, you need to fine-tune every detail. For example, if your online store always takes extremely long to update order information. It may be because it’s using manual techniques to make updates, thus slowing the process. In the end, your customers are left anxious as they wait to find out about their purchases. Thus, making for an unfortunate customer experience. 

eCommerce integration into company ERP systems helps ease the process of perfecting customer experiences. This takes place after you foster improvements for internal processes and eCommerce platforms.

Some of the more notable benefits of this integration include:

  • Increase in employee and business system efficiency
  • Consistently accurate inventory and price updates
  • Automation of core business operations
  • Improvement of customer service
  • Provides data in real time
  • Reduces risk

Consnet’s seamless ERP integration solution

For seamless integration, ask the experts who created a solution that easily integrates your eCommerce to your backend ERP system. This solution is the Consnet Digital Platform (CDP) and, as the name states, it is a Consnet creation. Through innovation and experiential knowledge, experts in the Consnet team created a pre-built integration solution. This solution certainly improves efficiency through functions that, in this case:

  • Integrate into eCommerce
  • Synchronise core data objects
  • Deploy and configure of integration for cost efficiency
  • Enable authenticated data transfer, validation, and transformation via CDP Microservices
  • Allow for seamless integration through adaptors
  • Monitor and log data traffic

Thus you should allow the experts to improve your business’s eCommerce. Click here to contact Consnet and start integrating soon.