Over the past 15 years, Consnet has successfully implemented more than 60 projects for over 50 customers, on-time and within the proposed budget. Consnet is passionate about ensuring that every project is a successful one.  All consultants are dedicated to working together with all customers to realise their visions whilst maintaining long term relationships with each one of them.


Consnet firmly believes in looking at any implementation from a total solution cost perspective; namely the project cost and post-implementation cost.

Project costs are primarily driven by duration and the number of resources utilized during the implementation. By utilizing expert consultants, companies can reduce implementation time and number of consultants drastically.

A poorly designed or implemented system can lead to a massive increase in post-implementation cost. Firstly, bad systems require a lot of maintenance and can cause immense frustration for employees. Secondly, it can lead to a loss of customers or revenue. Once again, the utilization of expert consultants will mitigate these risks.

Consnet is here to educate and assist customers in establishing a technological advantage for their companies which will not only assist in running business functions more smoothly but also make things easier for everyone.

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