ERP made easy to understand with this game

Pick a box, any box, and get a better understanding of ERP instantly. Sounds like a game show, but some concepts are easier to understand through games. Read more 

2023 Customer Experience trends to consider

We are still fresh into the new year, and there is already so much to look forward to in the world of customer experience. Some trends are not new, but are becoming more emphasized because of their growing importance. Read more 

An intelligent ERP solution grows with your business

The world is becoming more complex and so is maintaining a profitable and likeable business. There are more factors that affect how you run your business and how people view it. Read more 

Understanding B2B customers to increase sales

B2B buyers have evolved to be more like B2C shoppers. More businesses want B2B retailers to offer personalized experiences similar to B2C experiences. Read more 

Turn your customer service challenges into opportunities

Whenever your brand promise connects with a consumer’s intention, a customer experience takes place. That’s because in the above scenario, the customer has both an intention and expectation. Read more

How to grow a profitable B2B website with SAP Commerce

Online sales are increasing rapidly across industries and borders. This growth is not limited to business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, but also business-to-business (B2B) brands. Read more

SAP Emarsys has everything your marketing team wants

When it comes to marketing solutions, there is a long grocery list of functionalities that marketers look for. Read more 

Use AI for Smarter Customer Experiences

SAP Service Cloud is a customer service solution that creates meaningful connections throughout the customer journey. Read more 

Online and retail sales: The fraternal twins

Twins – one of the world’s greatest anomalies. It truly is fascinating how there are people out there that share the same genes, same birthdate, and even the exact same face. Read more

Accelerate revenue growth via omnichannel engagement

Who wants to learn some revenue increasing stats that can be helpful for your business? Read more

More selling time, less admin time

In the world of sales, we come across many sales reps looking to decrease their sales admin and create more selling opportunities, just like Gift. Gift is a sales professional who handles sales for a B2C company. Read more

Sinch, the contact centre with seamless integration

Imagine being put on hold for more than 10 minutes, while getting shuffled from one Agent to another. This happens mainly because some contact centres lack the capabilities to route calls to the right agents. Read more

Field sales automation for revenue growth

Field sales reps often spend a big percentage of their time traveling to and from clients. Their schedules are flexible (if not unpredictable) and they often have quite a bit of independence in their day-to-day. Read more

Selecting the right CRM Platform for your brand

Having a great CRM in place helps an organisation’s customer engagement strategy. Its level of engagement is excellent, and so are the customer experiences it produces from multiple touchpoints. Read more 

The Big 5: SAP CX Clouds

The Big 5: SAP CX Clouds – what could be more majestic than South Africa’s 5 national game animals? Each animal is different from the next and unique in appearance, abilities, and stature.Read more 

The right CRM tool is a competitive advantage

Have you ever been rock climbing or hiking in wooded areas? The experience can be extremely enjoyable or terrifying. It all depends on how prepared you are. Read more

CRM Tools

Great CRM is as simple as being a good friend

Customer relationship management (CRM) is quite a broad concept because it encompasses so much. It can also get confusing because the term is used to describe different things, Read more 

Why Cloud is better for your business

Whether on-premise hosting or cloud-based hosting, it doesn’t really matter what you use, right? That is not entirely true. Both solutions may serve the same purpose, but use completely different approaches to do it. Read more 

Stay out of spam inboxes with SAP Emarsys

Scroll through your emails or phone log and look at how many unread messages you have within your inbox. You probably have many more than you expected. Read more 

A chatbot can also automate your customer service

Hi there. I’m having a little problem with a product I recently bought from your store and need some help. Can you assist me? Read More

Chatbots: Keeping brands online 24/7

Nowadays, you can pick up your phone and engage with a brand however, and wherever, you want to. Read More 

Kissflow – workflow solutions

Kissflow is an end-to-end workflow and business process solution. With it, you do not need to manage hardware related to these processes. Just incorporate Kissflow into your daily operations and VOILÀ. Read more



Improve processes with Sales Force Automation

What exactly is the significance of sales force automation?

It’s simple: To allow your sales team to focus on the most important aspects of sales. Read more 


WhatsApp Bots: Making business personal

Two billion people. That is how many individuals use WhatsApp worldwide every single month. Can you just imagine how much communications flows through this channel every year? Read more

A healthy dose of BeatRoute for better Sales

Sales, sales, and more sales. That’s exactly what every brand is aiming to achieve. There is never a moment when a true entrepreneur is not thinking about ways to optimise sales activities, speed up processes, and ultimately increase revenue. Read more

Need an effective POS Solution?

When you go in-store to make a purchase, you begin your experience with a trolley picking the products you want/need, and you end your experience at a pay point. Read more 

Manage all your processes with SAP Solution Manager

If you are looking for a Solution that will centralise, automate, and improve your entire system landscape, you have just found it.  Read more 

Enrich your engagement with Sinch

“Don’t talk to your customers; talk with them.” This statement encompasses the type of communication that Consnet’s Sinch Contact Centre Solution aims to construct between businesses and their customers. Read more

QContact, for better customer communications

We all want to enjoy every shopping experience we have.  Read more

Genesys, the powerful Contact Centre Solution

At first, customer experiences only took place in-store. Then businesses converted to over-the-phone interactions and call centres. Read more 

Contact Centre

Since the technological boom, new and emerging communication methods and platforms come about daily. This makes it rather challenging to stay on top of all the channels your customers use, but Contact Centres exist so to ease this process. Read more

Secure online payments with payment gateways

Don’t you just love the convenience of paying online? Whether you are paying for lights, food or sending money to your grandmother, it’s just easier to do it from your phone/computer instead of physically travelling to do so. Read more

Payment gateway

Integration made easy with our Consnet Digital Platform

So, your online store is up and functional. Yes, it’s a little slow with order and inventory updates. Yes, you still must spend lots of time manually entering data, but it still works, right? Read more

Integration with Consnet Digital Platform

Why Magento?

Once upon a time in the age of old, customers could only shop and engage with businesses by physically going to their store. Today, customers can shop, enquire, and engage with brands online. Read more

magento ecommerce

SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C)

There is no “one size fits all” when analysing the type of software solution to use within your organisation. Read more

The reason CRM matters

We are all familiar with the phrases “the customer is always right” and “customer is king,” which is more commonly heard within many businesses. Read more

Improve your CRM – it’s simple with Consnet

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategic tool used to improve business performance through better management of customer interaction. Read more