Bespoke Software Solutions

Consnet is an enabler for any business that want to realise digital customer strategies on SAP, Magento, or any other platform. In addition, Consnet also designs and develops bespoke software solutions for businesses to complement their existing solutions. 

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Consnet enjoys being at the forefront of innovation when implementing solutions for customers. Similarly, the opportunity of working with world class systems allows for the exploration of possibilities that are endless.

A bespoke software solution can sometimes be the only solution. Thus, these solutions are built specifically around the requirements of your business needs. 

Advantages of creating a Bespoke Software Solution for your business:

  • Personalised approach – individually crafted solutions tailored to suit your business needs perfectly.
  • Bespoke solutions often involve investment. However, bespoke solutions can add value to your business. When the solution is well planned and built, the time / human resource savings can quickly pay for themselves. Thus, you can gain the competitive edge from developing better systems than your competitors.
  • Bespoke solutions can develop and grow together with your business. Thus, offering your business scalability as and when required.

Why choose bespoke software solutions?

It is always better to be different from the rest, to look for and find new ways instead of following the beaten track. Bespoke software solutions help you effectively stand out from the crowd.


Consnet's Bespoke Software Solutions include the following:

Consnet Digital Platform
CDP - Microservices platform

Consnet has extensive customer development experience. In addition, we have developed a microservices platform that we utilise to develop rapid solutions for unique customer requirements. 

The platform provides a number of out-of-the-box functions.  These are typically required by customer systems, namely:

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Logging and Error Handling
  • Notification Services for Email and SMS
  • User Management
  • Registry and Gateway Services
  • Configuration Services
  • Calendar and Booking Services

ERP Connector

Consnet has developed a connector that allows for easy integration between your backend ERP system/s and your eCommerce platform. Thus, it can work with multiple platforms, including SAP, Magento, etc. In other words, this will enable data transfer to your eCommerce solution via Consnet Digital Platform which is based on a microservices architecture. 

Consnet POS Application

Consnet can assist you with an out-of-the-box Point-of-Sale (POS) solution that integrates to your eCommerce platform. In addition, this unifies your online and instore experiences. 

Some features of POS Solution include:

  • In store sales integration to commerce.
  • Payment Device Integration.
  • Full cash management application.
  • Full inventory management.


Consnet has developed a booking application called BookMe, this tool provides a graphical view of all bookable resources such as:

  • Rooms
  • Seats
  • Activities
  • Rental Machines, etc

Consnet is interested in assisting your business bespoke a solution unique to your requirements.