A healthy dose of BeatRoute for better Sales

Sales, sales, and more sales. That’s exactly what every brand is aiming to achieve. There is never a moment when a true entrepreneur is not thinking about ways to optimise sales activities, speed up processes, and ultimately increase revenue. However, like all good things in life, it comes with its list of challenges.

Whether its competition, unimpactful sales management, or expanding sales cycles that you are dealing with, there are a range of factors that can slow down your business. This in turn means there are also factors you can use to enhance or implement to better your brand’s processes. By making improvements, for example, increasing your productivity, sales processing time, and task efficiency, you can attain the high sales levels you dream of.

Accelerating this result is possible with field force and sales automation software Solutions. How, you ask. Well, through eliminating time-consuming sales tasks and making use of tools that ease your sales team’s activities. Consnet, for instance, offers an incredible Solution that leaves your business with greater customer experience and sales operations. Want to learn more?

Sales Optimising Solutions

Achieving your sales and distribution targets is an accomplishment, especially when you do it consistently. It truly can be a struggle to meet your B2B and B2C goal results when you have to handle growing challenges with team performance, executions, and distribution channels. However, you can use a smart software Solution to assist you with managing these activities efficiently. A smart Solution like BeatRoute.

BeatRoute Power

BeatRoute is a Solution for field force automation, which manages backend commerce activities between retailers and distributors. Its unique software helps you with defining your goals (in detail), and guides you and every individual involved in the processes on how to go about achieving these goals.

The BeatRoute platform enables your business to:

  • Digitise its sales operations
  • Achieve business objectives
  • Foster collaboration between distributors, sales teams, and customers
  • Maximise sales output

BeatRoute’s Capabilities

As diverse as all your customers are, you need to master the art of satisfying all their unique needs. BeatRoute exists to help you foster an amazing relationship, specifically with all your B2B and retailer customers. It, thus, equips you with several functions and capabilities that enable you to directly interact with customers over their choice of social media platform. These capabilities include:

  • Digital Order Taking: Recommendation engine maximises order volume without the need for physical visits.
  • Stock Visibility: Distributors can see stock availability while placing orders.
  • Payment and Invoicing:  Secures management of invoices and digital payments.
  • Full Integration: Has SFA and DMS connections for seamless order flow and visibility.
  • Order Dispatch Tracking: Retailers can track order dispatches.
  • Promotions & Targeting: Product catalogues, launches, and discount offers are shareable over different mediums.
  • Loyalty Management: Accesses and manages customer loyalty from one interface.
  • Feedback & Returns: Simplifies your management of returns and feedback over WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Analytics & Insights: Uses AI-assisted reports and analytics.

Reasons to trust BeatRoute

BeatRoute has an incredible customer list, with many international brands using their services to lift their sales performance. These include big names like Pepsico, Kimberly-Clark, and Kraft Heinz, for example. Apart from BeatRoute’s powerful ability to positively impact sales activities, it also helps make collaboration between stakeholders a reality. Here are more reasons BeatRoute will work wonders for your business:

  • Ready for deployment
  • Simple integration
  • Scalable design
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Configurable


There is so much more you can do for your business with the help of BeatRoute and putting it in place is as easy as contacting Consnet and letting them know you are interested in this Solution. Do it now – get in touch with Consnet here and let their experts help your business grow.