A chatbot can also automate your customer service


Customer sends message to a brand online:

Hi there. I’m having a little problem with a product I recently bought from your store and need some help. Can you assist me?

*Customer waits*

One month later:

Hi there. My name is Thembi, and I will be helping you with your enquiry. Apologies for the wait. Our agents have been backed up. How can I assist me?


Imagine yourself as the customer in the above scenario, waiting over a month just to get a response from a brand you support. This is sure to rattle your cage, even if it’s just in the slightest. Such slow and ineffective responses are a clear sign of awful customer service and can chase loyal customers away. Not only that, but horrible customer service also has the power to destroy your brand image, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

You truly cannot afford to give any of your customers a bad experience and if you make the right adjustments, you won’t have to. One of the most effective tools to manage customer service efficiently is automation. You can integrate the automation of customer service into your business in different ways, including chatbots.

Let’s focus in on Sinch’s chatbot and how it automates customer service.

Sinch offers bots and…

Before we break down Sinch’s powerful chatbot function, we need to understand what Sinch is. Firstly, Sinch is an omnichannel platform that supports Voice, Email, Chat, SMS, and social media. This cloud-based solution allows you to effectively manage and track all customer interactions. It also has real-time monitoring, analytics, and reporting, so supervisors can stay updated on how the contact centre and agents are performing.

Secondly, Sinch has a number of tools a business can use to better their customer experiences and service. One of these tools is their chatbot, which has the ability to:

  • Hold and process human conversation
  • Automate customer service activities
  • Be trained to detect spoken/natural language

Where does CX fit in?

If you use or are interested in SAP CX, you are going to love Sinch. The Sinch chatbot can integrate into SAP CX (SAP Service Cloud). This means that a brand using SAP can implement and manage a chatbot through Sinch, but don’t worry. What’s even better is Sinch’s ability to integrate with other SAP and non-SAP systems as well. 

This allows you to collect customers’ information and use it to easily identify them, all thanks to chats.

How does a chatbot automate customer service?

As a result of automation, you get to start enjoying great benefits, including:

  • Decreasing wait time for service delivery
  • Elimination of time-consuming tasks
  • Seamless data collection
  • Real-time data updates
  • Brand becomes accessible 24/7

Expert Advice:

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