2023 Customer Experience trends to consider

We are still fresh into the new year, and there is already so much to look forward to in the world of customer experience. Some trends are not new, but are becoming more emphasized because of their growing importance. Other trends are moving us closer into the future, where AI and smart solutions make it easier to deliver the highly personalized experiences customers want. Here are a few trends you should be aware off and solutions that can help you use them to your advantage. 

Let’s get PHYGITAL

What do you get when you combine physical and digital experiences? You get phygital experiences the blur the lines between both spaces. The name may not roll off the tongue quite so well, but this is a future-forward of providing optimised customer experiences. Many restaurants and retailers are already incorporating such strategies into their stores. For instance, fast-food franchises that allow you to make your order using a digital kiosk or stores with self-checkout tills. Customers enjoy the convenience and speed such buying experiences offer, as well as the in-store self-service checkout option. Consider incorporating phygital experiences through POS systems and self-service technology.

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Increasing need for chatbots

Digital customers want businesses to respond to their service issues quickly and effectively. This level of speed and accuracy is not always achievable by people, especially when coming to customer queries outside of working hours. In this cases, chatbots and AI become a saving grace. Chatbots keep your consumers engaged and helps them help themselves. Although many customers seek a real human interaction when engaging with a brand, 69% are happy to use chatbots to solve simple issues (Zendesk CX Trends 2022 report). This is also the result of more consumers opting for self service options before calling a business.

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Transparency builds customer loyalty

For customers to become and stay loyal to your business, they need to trust you. You can build this trust in a number of ways, including:

  • Delivering on customer expectations
  • Communicating and operating transparently
  • Providing consistent buying experiences
  • Offering quality customers can trust
  • Giving accurate delivery dates, prices, product descriptions, etc.

We focus a lot on the products and customer service we deliver to build customer loyalty, but transparency is also a crucial factor. When we talk about transparency, we do not refer to telling the world all your trade secrets. On the contrary, we mean live up to the brand you say you are. If you market your business as the most affordable bed and breakfast, do not have hidden costs that leave customers paying high fees. Mistakes like these sometimes take place because of issues with the system used. Opt for a reliable eCommerce platform that easily updates instantly when changes are made.

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Online reviews and testimonials

The new source of trustworthy information on brands and products is online reviews. More digital shoppers are searching for online reviews and testimonials on products and brands before they use them. When consumers are torn between multiple brands or are still deliberating whether to buy your items, online reviews come in very handy. The detailed descriptions of their experiences with your brand/product helps them make an informed decision on whether to buy your product or not. For this reason, you should collect more positive reviews of your products and services online.

Make it a point to get feedback from customers, improve your experiences accordingly, and increase your favourable reviews online. A great way to paint a more favourable image of your business in the minds of consumers is by optimising all your business processes to deliver better experiences.Try the SAP CX Suite that enables you to improve your sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and more.

If you are interested in making 2023 your year for CX excellence, look at all the solutions listed above, then contact us. We’ll book a demo with you to discuss, explain, and answer anything you would like to know on the solution you’re interested in.